Dewan Rakyat Live Broadcasting

The following links are live broadcasting channels direct from Dewan Rakyat provided by Pakatan Rakyat Information Technology Team.

By CC Liew

This channel utilizing free broadcasting service from USTREAM server. It relied on parliament WIFI network (and P1 broadband as secondary service) for streaming purpose. The picture quality had been compromised for better sound quality but overall effect is satisfactory. Broadcast service start from 10 am till the end of the meeting for the whole season.
This channel utilizing PKR hosted server for P2P service. It relied on P1 broadband and parliament WIFI alternatively. The picture and sound quality is excellent. Broadcast service only carry on for a few hours per day depend on broadcast schedule (normally from 10 am to 5 pm).
This channel utilizing PAS hosted server for P2P service. It relied on StreamX broadband for streaming purpose. Broadcast picture had been reduced to enhance sound quality. Broadcast service normally start from 10 am till the end of the meeting. But sometime the supervisor will shut down the service prior to the end of the meeting.
PAS (standalone software) : download and go to “MPPAS” channel button.
This channel using PAS JITP (PAS information technology department) customizing software for broadcasting. This is the end-user terminal without using internet browser and the advantage is that viewers will be able to watch the channel in close-to-real-time effect without buffering delay.
Depend on your residential area ISP condition, you may try to switch in between the channels to obtain the most satisfactory viewing result.