Dato Ramli Yusuff is vindicated for the Third Time

Din Merican

There was suspense this morning at the Kota Kinabalu High Court, when High Court Judicial Commissioner Dato’ Abdul Rahman Sebli refused to adjourn the hearing of the MACC’s appeal against the acquittal of Dato’ Ramli  Yusuff for the charge of abuse of power in using a police Cessna purportedly to view land that Dato’ Ramli was said to have interest in.

The adjournment was sought because Dato’ Shafee Abdullah had to attend to another appeal in the Court of Appeal. Assisting counsel, James Tsai, had no choice but to proceed after DPP Ahmad Bache said that he was ready with his written and oral submission. After hearing the submissions, the JC took a short adjournment. More suspense.

At 11.30 am, when the Learned JC pronounced his judgment, it brought tears of joy to Dato’ Ramli and his family, mostly his wife’s who are Sabahan’s This is Providence. A reward from heaven for the patience and resilience that Dato’ Ramli had shown throughout this nightmarish episode.

Dato’ Rahman Sebli has also now redeemed the honour and pride of the Malay members of the Bench, by showing that he is independent minded just like Judge Supang Lian and Judge Gunalan who both  had earlier acquitted Dato’ Ramli in two separate trials at the Sessions Court in Sabah and in Kuala Lumpur.

Since the day he was dubbed the “RM 27 Milliion Cop”, Dato Ramli had to endure suspicion, public scorn and humiliation. It is now clear that the mainstream newspapers have publicly lynched an innocent man.

I have been following Dato’ Ramli’s trial. Last Friday I was in court when Judge Gunalan acquitted Dato Ramli. I heard Dato’ Ramli say how his life had been destroyed and he now needs to rebuild it again. I heard him express his gratitude to his very supportive wife, the charming Dato’ Anita Harun. I heard him express regret that his mother had died without seeing him vindicated of all the false accusations leveled against him. May his mother’s soul rest in peace because Muslims believe that the prayers and good deeds of a filial son will always be rewarded.