Islamic or not, caning women is just not right!

By Jeswan Kaur (FMT)

COMMENT: Something has gone wrong, if speaking on behalf of oppressed Muslim women by non-Muslims is seen as an “offence”.

The truth of what is wrong is that bigotry has become the order of the day. And women, Muslim women, that is, have always been treated as less than human by the Muslim men, who use the syariah law as a “textbook” approach to making the women submissive and devoid of any right.

The caning of three Muslim women last month for engaging in illicit sex, an offence under the syariah law, unfortunately set a precedent for such punishment to be carried out for the first time in this country, which prides itself as a nation practising moderate Islam.

Not enough, these women were also imprisoned and one is still in jail and will only see the light of the day in June.

Time and again, women become the easy target for chauvinistic males. Why were these three women caned? Because the syariah law dictates so? What happened to the men they had sex with? Why were these men not caned too?

By using syariah as an excuse to persecute the women, the message has been sent out all too loud and clear that Islam is not a religion that is “all merciful and benevolent”.

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