Cheah Wing Yin in accident

I just read the forwarded email below pleading for blood donation. Hope it’s not too late and hope MT can spread the plea.

By Caring Citizen

14th March 2010

Dear all,

I just spoke to Wing Yin’s son in Sunway Med. Wing Yin was very badly injured in a car accident yesterday morning (reported in today’s paper). He is now in and out of ICU. Apparently lost almost all his blood and now needs fresh blood type O+.
Pls spread word around for those who can donate blood.


News Flash

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dr Cheah Wing Yin sustained serious injuries in a road traffic accident this morning, as he was going about on his official duties. He is now in hospital.

Dr Cheah is not one to broadcast the challenges that come his way, but I will say that the past few weeks have not been easy at all – his medical practice was subject to an income tax audit extending back a few years, and his clinic was broken into shortly after that. Of course, it is public knowledge that files and documents were removed from his service centre in an inquiry last year.

I ask for your prayers and moral support for this dedicated and steadfast ADUN and his family.



Update on Dr Cheah’s condition

Monday, 15 March 2010

Dr Cheah underwent a second operation to fix another leg (femur) fracture yesterday evening. He is receiving intensive care in hospital.

Please continue to uphold Dr Cheah with your prayers.