Man of the moment! Ibrahim Ali again…..betul ka ni?

“A politician is an individual who is involved in influencing public decision-making … and people will seek those positions, whether by means of election, coup d’état, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, right of inheritance or other means” – Wikipedia

Why will any of you allow Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa to enter your consciousness is simply beyond my comprehension. Anything to do with Ibrahim Ali is just not worth spending your time over. Even I am wasting my time right now writing about him. But from day to day it keeps popping up again and again. In Malaysia Today, in Lim Kit Siang’s Blog … in all the media. Everywhere with one exception – where it really should be consigned to – the rubbish bin!!

By steadyaku47

Ibrahim Ali is a politician par excellance through and through – and if you have the capacity to think clearly, you would know that that is NOT meant to be a compliment! Anyone who has no other life but politics deserve to be pitied. This Ibrahim Ali seeks to influence public decision making through any means … mostly foul, and pandering to the most basic of human needs – greed, avarice and our ability to be swayed by delusions of grandeur. He lives and breathes politics every minute of his life. There is no UMNO, no PKR, no PAS – no political entity that he owes allegiance to except himself and whatever he does or says is for the purpose of allowing him to continue to be in politics, to live off politics and to be a parasite dependent on politics.

He allows himself to be a spokesman for anything, everything, and anybody, in as long as it will allow him to be in politics. Any cause, any beliefs any ideals. He will allow himself to be used to convey any message, put across any idea, or be used to promote any cause, in as long as it will serve his personal agenda to be wanted by somebody … anybody!

It is indeed disgusting that any man can be so manipulative – but he does not see it that way. To him he is the one that is doing the manipulating. To him he is the one that is being considered important enough to be courted by UMNO, PAS, PKR or any political faction within the country just as long as it keeps him in the spotlight.

It would do no good for anyone to tell him of integrity, honor, truth or the need for one to be seen to be true to one’s belief or to be true to those that you have pledged allegiance to. This guy is one of a kind. The kind that thrives within UMNO. That cannot exist without UMNO. That feeds off UMNO. And UMNO feeds off him. That helps makes UMNO what it is today. Totally without credence and without the respect of the people it governs.

I cannot more forcefully express my disgust and contempt for this human being – this Malay, this sorry excuse for a politician who will sell every bit of himself to the highest bidder in order that he will continue to exist in the neverending life of deceit and lies that he chooses to live in – nay not only live but to happily wallow in as pigs would wallow in a pigsty.

There are politicians and then there is Ibrahim Ali … a sad, sad excuse of a politician that even causes a fellow politician to wonder if their “noble“ profession can sink any lower than the depths UMNO already finds itself in. Have no fear, UMNO – with Ibrahim Ali, you can!

With Ibrahim Ali you can find a fellow politician who when asked if politics can sink any deeper, will ask … how much deeper into the abyss do you want to go? Being up to your armpits in lies, money politics, corruption and greed is mere foreplay for Ibrahim Ali!

In Ibrahim Ali you will find a politician who will embrace all and sundry if by doing so he is made into a hero or a pariah – either one is immaterial to him just as long as he is at the top of the heap – and normally it is the latter. And ironically, every time he jumps ship he is hailed both as a hero by the party he joins and a pariah by the party he leaves … and history tells us that invariably UMNO is the one calling him a hero and a pariah and then a hero again as and when Ibrahim Ali does what he will always do to resurrect himself in politics. Lompat katak lompat.

The audacity with which he switches alligience makes him the man of the moment many times over – but as he is being called a hero he also knows that he has to be a pariah first to become a hero later. That is par for the course for this pariah politician. That UMNO will play to his tune tells us a lot about UMNO. What manner of organization constantly takes back into its midst someone who has always used UMNO for his own purpose? For his own profit? For his own sordid existence and in so doing perpetuate UMNO’s own sordid existence? They feed off each other!!

When all is said and done, just remember this of Ibrahim Ali. Do not waste any more of your time, your thoughts or your contempt on this person because it is wasted on this person who preys, manipulates and uses people.

The sad part of this equation is that once again UMNO is desperate enough to need and want his questionable “skills” in whipping up some gullible Malays into a frenzy over ketuanan of the Malays. It is the sign of a desperate UMNO clutching at straws and telling itself that all is fair in Politics as it looks again towards Ibrahim Ali as their savior against the likes of what PKR can throw at them.

Every day and in every way, UMNO digs a grave that is much more deeper than the six feet that it needs to bury itself. Every day and in every way UMNO still manages to find despicable politicians to call their own and then bring them into their camp to bolster their crumbling defense against PKR. And every day and in every way UMNO invariably moves towards Armageddon and self immolation – no thanks to the defection of failed PKR politicians and the likes of those like Ibrahim Ali.

And so my friends, I want to take leave of this despicable politician and pray that once past the next General Election, we will never see the likes of him again in our life time, on our horizon or in any part of the world that we choose to live in. For without his “contribution” to national politics, our nation can rid itself of another of its laughable assets and the Malays will deservedly lose an irritating and unnecessary distraction from within its ranks … and our loss is UMNO’s gain?

But the unkindest cut of all for me is to have Ibrahim Ali read this and have him think that he is important enough AGAIN to be the subject of an article … any article! Who will tell the King that he has no clothes … and again I lose here because he will be happy that someone has considered him important enough to equate him to a King!! I better stop now because I can never win against Ibrahim Ali. He can see a light at the end of every tunnel. Just let us pray that the light at the end of the tunnel is a train!