NGO calls for royal commission on Anwar’s past activities

(The Malay Mail) – Newly formed group Gerakan Anti Liwat (GELI) is urging the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the issue of a VCD that it alleged is being distributed to residents of Bandar Baru Bangi.

Founder Mohd Arshad Ishak (pic), 26, told reporters after making the police report at the Bandar Baru Bangi police station at 1.55pm that he was prompted into making the report after he discovered a VCD titled “Sandiwara Anwar” in his mailbox on Saturday at about 10am.

Arshad said he took the VCD with him and checked its contents at his office in Section 15.

“There was a 10-minute long video clip of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s activities at the Sungai Buloh Prison.

The date for the recording showed the year was in 2001,” he said.

Arshad said that this was not the first time he saw the recording, having previously seen it on various websites and on YouTube and added that this was the first time he saw the recording in VCD form.

“The recording showed footage of Anwar looking frail and on a wheelchair against the backdrop of a graveyard while a different footage showed him looking energetic and able to move without the aid of a wheelchair.

“I feel curious as to how this recording could be distributed to the public when I believe prisons should be secure places and any recordings by the Prison Department, aside from for monitoring purposes, are illegal,” he said.

Arshad added that while part of the video footage looked as if they were shot by an individual, he alleged that other parts of it looked as if they may have come from CCTV recordings from the prison itself.

Arshad also claimed that his next door neighbour also had received a copy of the VCD in his mailbox but had told him that he had yet to see its contents.

Arshad said he wasn’t sure if his other neighbours had also received a VCD copy because he had not asked anybody else.

Arshad said he has set up a Facebook fan page to garner support to push the government into having the Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate how recordings of Anwar’s activities in prison were distributed in the public domain and to find the culprit who made and distributed the recording.

He also urged the government to check on the authenticity of the recording which alleged that Anwar was in good health during his imprisonment in 2001 and not as how he had portrayed to the public with a seemingly weak look, bound to a wheelchair and with a neck brace when making appearances outside of prison.

“I also urge Anwar to refute what is implied in the recording if it is untrue because if that isn’t the case then we can deduce that he had lied to the people (about his health) to gain their sympathy while he was in prison. If he had indeed lied, who knows what other things he has lied about to the people?” said Arshad.