What a Nightmare!

Why change the status quo? Shouldn’t we be happy with the current system of governance? What is a little corruption here and there?

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Since the 12th general election, Malaysia has seen only turmoil and a decline in our economy, not to mention a downturn in race relations, and capital flight, no thanks to the opposition. People have turned bolder, and talking back to the ruling government. The opposition during the 916 exercise, tried to buy over BN politicians with sweet words. Luckily, no sane BN politicians jumped. They weren’t amphibians or frogs. How can the opposition ask BN to turn frogs without offering them some sort of monetary compensation? Do we think BN politicians are that cheap?

The opposition leader has serious issues; not just political, but also sexual as well. He is again in the political limelight for all the wrong reasons. His mischievous antics have caused a lot of red faces and all his most fervent supporters to abandon the party; Zahrain, TTB and lately Zul Nordin, who was sacked hours ago. Zul , a champion of Agama, Bangsa and Negara. Poor Zul, he’s not worth so much anymore and he should have jumped ship sooner and claim his inheritance. But thanks to UMNO, a party who is willing to forgive and forget, and ever willing to welcome these poor souls, when PRM no longer wants them anymore.

Take for instance, former Sec. Gen. Datuk Sallehuddin who selflessly sacrificed his time for PKR, and even volunteered to lead Perangsang Corporation for the measly sum of RM1. Sallehuddin, who singlehandedly identified and recruited some of the MPs to sacrifice their honour for the greater good. A few more frogs, and BN will once again be a merry party, happily merrymandering the constituencies, to prevent another disaster in the next general election. Life will go back to normal, and KL will be another concrete jungle. There will probably be less internet, as we want the MSM to lead the way to provide filtered information for public consumption. With BN fully in charge, we will not need Perkasa, and other NGOs to pretend to champion Malay Rights anymore. And with a merry BN to lead Malaysia, we will once again be a cosmopolitan, moderate Islamic nation, for another half century.

We should thank the frogs for their great sacrifice, their willingness to sell their souls, their families and friends just to be patriotic to the government and the nation. Would you have the guts to do what they have done? Even monetary compensation is chicken feed for such a sacrifice.

Imagine, if BN loses the next election, there will be no more subsidies, no more special rights, no more drink and drive, no more bribery, no more corruption, no more chances to buy your freedom. VIPs will have to queue like all the others, and bumiputras must really start working hard just to be on par with the non-bumis. No more caning, no more back door tenders, no more pulling strings, no more quota for education and scholarships. With so much transparency in state tenders, how are we going to make a quick buck? There will be too much freedom of expression. They will tell us that we are actually all equal citizens. We all need to pay tax. We need to be bilingual. We need to be tolerant of others. What a nightmare!!

Why change the status quo? Shouldn’t we be happy with the current system of governance? What is a little corruption here and there?

We heard in the last election that BN managed only 49% of the total vote. If not for Sabah and Sarawak, BN would have been canned! Do not blame UMNO, after all UMNO has been taking care of its own kind for half a century. You can’t blame the Malays for not endearing themselves to the opposition. Also can’t blame the Chinese and Indians, who are so independent, and able to stand on their own two feet without crutches. Come on, have some pity on the underprivileged ones. One day when all races can stand on their own feet, UMNO will abdicate their commitment to protect the weak.

So please pass the word around, and voters get voters, and make sure we register our children, our relatives as well, to go and vote in the next election. And while waiting in line to cast your vote, do say a prayer, and thank god for the frogs who sacrificed so much for the nation, and averted a horrendous disaster. And what is this disaster that we averted? Well, we nearly became a “truly democratic nation”; what a nightmare!

Do thank God for the privilege to vote and change the nation’s future. Vote wisely, and send a message to the government that we are their bosses and we will not be their slaves. No, no, no .. . CUT!! We should send a message to the government that they will always be our bosses, and we shall be their compliant slaves. And don’t worry, as always Sabah and Sarawak will come to the aid of BN again.