Free Malaysia Today website under attack

Free Malaysia Today news website is another entry of the vibrant new media industry in Malaysia. I saw its office and the team two weeks ago. They were working hard to create something from scratch. Just soft-launched a few days ago, I am surprised to learn that its website is already under attack since yesterday. Such ‘treatment’ is flattering to the team, as such ‘honour’ seems to indicate that the site does have ‘something’ to offer the public, and some people seem not wanting it to see the light of the day.

By Guan Sin

According to my reliable sources, the site was faced with difficulty to access it since Friday morning. Investigation revealed that it was under the so-called denial-of-service attack. More than two million requests were bombarded to the site, bringing it to a crawl. Among the attacking nodes are two from Streamyx, one from TM data centre, California, Texas, Russia, Brazil, Denmark and Thailand.

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