Hindraf & East Malaysian natives at House of Common UK on March 9, 2010

A forum have been organized to raise awareness before the House of Commons in the UK by HINDRAF in partnership with Monitoring Group (UK) to address the marginalisation and discrimination faced by Malaysian Indians as well as the indigenous natives in East Malaysia under the patronage of Mr Virendra Sharma, a member of Parliament in United Kingdom.

The purpose of this forum is to continue to highlight and enhance the awareness to the international arena on widespread discrimination on human rights that prevails in Malaysia on UMNO’s totalitarianism led Malaysian government against its own citizen.

Amongst the discussion will be issues related to human rights violations, human liberty, equal opportunity that have been deprived or suppressed for certain segment of Malaysian society to exercise their basic rights and freedoms to which all human races is entitled to.      

The objective of this forum is to underline and emphasize to the international community that a human rights issue is translucent beyond any community and should not be solely based on the relations or community of people similar to a bourgeois system but one that the humanity race will prosper with a just and equitable purpose for the human race.   

The international world has witnessed apartheid in South Africa, yet apartheid is practised against Malaysian citizens through unfair and unjust policies of the UMNO totalitarianism along with their coalition partners. The international community can participate to ameliorate the grievances of the destitude Malaysians in Malaysia when they start voicing out for the voiceless in Malaysia as they are also a part of the human race that we all try to create.   

HINDRAF with its international partners will continue and pursue their objectives in pursuing such goals to ensure that humanity is paramount besides petty politics that eradicate and subject the human race to such marginalization and discrimination that is prevalent for the Malaysian Indians similar to one that is faced by the natives of Malaysia.

The event will include guest speakers from HINDRAF, East Malaysia representatives and other independent experts on the marginalized and discriminated state of several segments of the Malaysian society.

Thank you.

R. Shan  

HINDRAF International Coordinator