The AG is ‘not in the interest of justice’

In Malaysia, the AG has the cheek to turn the other cheek and let people who insult a religion get away with it because in his mind, it is “not in the interest of justice”.


Is it any wonder why Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail can’t walk the talk about justice in the country?

He put his foot in the mouth again last night when justifying that charging the Al-Islam magazine editors and reporters who offended Catholics in an article would have been “not in the interest of justice”.

His statement was outrageous at the very least as he was offering protection to a group of people who have not had the decency to apologise for their actions.

And Gani was condoning vigilantism as the reporters had participated in a Catholic rite while investigating an allegation that Muslims were being converted.

State news agency Bernama quoted Gani as saying the actions of the two reporters might have hurt the feelings of the people but he was satisfied that they did not intend to offend anyone and it was an act of sheer ignorance.

“It was further disclosed that they did not know the significance of the white bread. No disturbance was caused in the church. In fact, no one in the church was aware that they were Malays,” he had said.

Fact is, Gani treated the desecration of the host (not simply white bread as he stated) as a flippant act. It is a rite holy to the Catholics and not just a treat at the end of prayers.