Rantings turn Star from victim to villain

If Marina Mahathir had truly wanted to show up the lack of press freedom and the extent of government and party thought control, or even of inequities in syariah law, why did she choose to put The Star, already under attack, further on the defensive?

By uppercaise

Why did she not attack the blatant use of government machinery, such as KDN, and the blatant connivance of civil servants such as KDN, the police, and the Attorney-General, in stifling the voices of reason and giving free rein to the voices of hate and bigotry?

Instead, Marina chose to push The Star to the wall by writing on the same subject that had already put the paper and managing editor P Gunasegaram under the always-present guillotine that is the KDN publishing permit. (And it was a good column, too, worthy of public discussion.)

By doing so, she’s turned The Star into the villain — and walked away with an injured air, a supposed victim of “censorship”.

She’s turned the tables neatly around. She’s moved the spotlight away from Umno and the government and from the gathering forces of Ketuanan Melayu and left The Star trapped in its glare, even though the paper and Guna personally have been victimised by the Ketuanan Melayu mob of Perkasa — which has her father’s backing — and by KDN officials so quick to issue a show-cause letter.

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