UMNO takes anybody and everybody!!

Come the next election, we will know what we will do. We will keep the fire burning inside us. Each defection from PKR to UMNO will fan the fire stronger and make it more destructive for UMNO. 

By steadyaku47

All this talk about defection from PKR! So what? Did not the US of A go through a Civil War and emerged a much stronger and a more united nation of people having gone through a horrendous period of blood letting and culling of all that was harmful to its national unity?

At that time it was slavery that was the driving force that drove its own people to kill each other and almost forced the nation to its knees! Vietnam went through its baptism of fire. It had the strongest nation in the world come into the country. These “invaders” napalmed the country almost into oblivion, agent oranged its countryside into a killing field of chemicals that infected all that came into contact with it and left a legacy that still kills till today. It faced the South with the North and in the end determination and an unerring belief in the righteousness of the fight they fought caused the emergence of the Vietcong as the master of their own country – not the American invaders who just happened to be the most powerful country in the world. In the process America had over 50,000 of its young soldiers dead on the battlefield that was Vietnam.

South Africa went through its own darkness of hell and killings until a man called Mandela, imprisoned for 27 years, emerged from prison and became its saviour – the leader a world now knows it is blessed to have. Because from him we have vindication of our belief that good will eventually triumph over evil.

And now we have these so called defections of failed “leaders” from within PKR to UMNO! Huh! Let us call it for what it really is! These are the gutless rats that are fleeing NOT from a sinking ship but from the wrath of PKR where they have been given shelter and a chance to give their services to a Nation that sorely needed their commitment to go towards a future of hope and a better future for all since the last elections. Where they have found shelter and given a second chance in life in Politics when nobody else will have them.

But instead of gratitude, these rats have become parasites and rodents of the worst kind. Wanting more, more and even more from PKR – much more than what they deserve and more than what they need. Greed and avarice became their nature. If any fault is to be put on PKR, it is for their inability to cull these rats at the first sign of greed and their avarice.

So now we have what this Najib, Muhyiddin, and all like-minded political pretenders call an avalanche and flood of PKR’s political “leaders” towards their side – an odious cesspool called UMNO or Barisan. Call UMNO what you will but to my mind they will always be a cesspool of filth and the worst that Mankind can dig up from the recess of an endless abyss of greed and deviants – the hyenas and vultures of our world that we unfortunately need to live with and deal with … and there will be those that will quarrel with me as having degraded Hyenas and Vultures by putting them on the same level as UMNO!

For me to betray the trust of PKR and the Rakyat who voted you in for its redemption from UMNO is one of the worst things to do. But there are some amongst us who will do this for money. You can find them in UMNO! Adults who will rape an underaged Malay schoolgirl? You can find them in UMNO! Ministers who will shame us Malays by “raba-raba”-ing a lady that is not his wife? You can find them in UMNO! A man who is prepared to pay the husband in order to marry his wife? He leads UMNO now! This same man is unable to find the strength to face a tainted legal system to clear him of corruption and murder! So much for his confidence in a judiciary he has control over! Taking a billion from the National coffers to bail out his own son’s business simply because he can do so? Yes, he is Mahathir – once the leader of this UMNO! All the people that we shun and are embarrassed to call our friends can be found in UMNO.

And this is the cesspool that these so called failed PKR “leaders” are going to. What loss is this to PKR? To us? None I say! Leave you dogs! Leave you rats! Leave us and go beg, take or steal what you can from UMNO. Even if all that is left in PKR are but a handful of our leaders, we will still have enough! Enough to prepare for the coming election.

Do not forget what happened in the last election. It is not UMNO that decides. It is not MCA, it is not MIC, or any of the Barisan goons that decide. THE PEOPLE DECIDE!

And here lies the fallacy in UMNO’s thinking. They think that by taking the failed PKR “leaders” that was elected by the people in the last election they will also take the people that elected them into UMNO’s camp. What stupidity! What idiotic simplicity in the thinking of UMNO’s leaders to think that this is so. You can take these failed PKR “leaders” into your cesspool. We know the people that voted them in will stay with PKR! And with all the rats, rodents, lice, cockroaches now joining UMNO, who do you think the people will vote come the next election? Why, you think the people are stupid? That they cannot think for themselves? That they will give their votes to scums? Surely you jest, Najib, if you think that having those riff-raffs from PKR under your armpit will strengthen your tottering regime. To gain strength you need look for others who are better than you … and those who are better than you are already with us in PKR!

For now we wait. The people have long memories. They have suffered enough! Enough of having their country become the pariah of Asian and the world.

Do you remember a time not too long ago when we stood heads and shoulders above our Asian counterparts? Look around us now. Look at what is happening in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and even Cambodia. Even Burma still has an Aung San Suu Kyi – a heroine that embodies the future of Burma – full of hope and expectations of what is to come in their future. Even the people of Burma, so oppressed by an insidious and all-powerful Military regime still have hope! What does Malaysian have now? We have a sickening feeling in our stomach that there is nothing in the horizon of our future with an UMNO-led Government. That the people will have to endure more and more of what UMNO will throw at us in their haste to retain their grasp at power and the richness that this power will bring them.

But come the next election, we will know what we will do. We will keep the fire burning inside us. Each defection from PKR to UMNO will fan the fire stronger and make it more destructive for UMNO.

Go you rats, you lice, you cockroaches … enjoy what richness UMNO can give you while you can. You can run but you cannot hide. You think the UMNO leaders will give you enough to live as luxuriously as they are now living? You think you can be another Razak Baginda? You think one big contract will give you millions? Just remember this … however much money you have, if not replenished, over time will be finished! Just a few years to the next election. When UMNO goes out – you defectors will also go out. Once their source of funds have been eliminated with the ouster of UMNO at the next election, each and everyone of them will die a natural death – fast and without a whimper. We will see them disappear from our lives and our consciousness. And what will become of them? Most probably they will go where all UMNO members will have to go … crawl to PKR asking for crumbs and handouts – because they know of no other way to live!

And so my friend, amidst all these announcements of defections of PKR failed “leaders” to UMNO and its component parties, I ask that you take a few minutes to gather your thoughts together and steady yourself. Give thoughts to our commitments to PKR – to our cause, to keeping the fire burning inside us! We will overcome! We will prevail and we are ALL resolved to bring our country back from the brink of destruction and bankruptcy into a dawn of hope and decency to one and all of our people under PKR! MERDEKA!!!