PERKASA – Do not give contracts to the ungrateful non Malay Companies! My Foot!

Empty vessel; Super Frog; Ibrahim Ali, are all synonymous!

Now you are the champion of the Malay and Muslim community in Malaysia? Since when and who gave you that right to call yourself so? Are you seriously fighting for the rights of Islam and the Malays? Or are all your protests and dramas for political gains only? Your actions and words as the protector of Islam and the Malays are so hypocritical! You, King Frog through Perkasa, are the champion of Malays/Muslims? My foot, Katak, Perkasa! You are just a hypocrite of the worst kind that all Malaysians can see!

By Osama

Malaysia an Islamic State? Rights of Malays being encroached? What else have you got to say, King Katak? Why are there no actions and protests organized by PERKASA led by King Frog to protect the rights of the Malays and their monies against companies owned by non-Malays? Is Malaysia an Islamic State or is it a secular state? Answer us Malaysians! PERKASA and King Katak? You had been extremely vocal on all rights of Malays and Muslims right? Is this the 1Malaysia you are promoting?

Why have PERKASA and King Katak not organized any protest to date to denounce the gambling menace amongst Muslims/Malays supposedly owned by non Malays? Is gambling legal according to Islam, Katak oi Katak and PERKASA? You are fighting for Malay rights, right? I see in many gambling outlets the following, “Judi adalah haram disisi agama Islam”, but just look at the number of Malays/Muslims patronizing these outlets!

Are PERKASA and King Frog blind? Why are you not protesting the existence and open promotion of gambling to the Malays? If PERKASA and King Katak really are the protectors of Islam, you should first ask your mouthpieces, the much hated Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and all Malay language newspapers not to publish the results of all lotteries drawn. Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian had always been vocal to “protect” the Malays, why are they openly promoting gambling to the Malays/Muslims and in the process destroying this closely knitted community? It just shows how hypocritical all these so-called champions of the Malays are. PERKASA, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, King Frog, are you all so blind? Are you all prepared to destroy an entire community which you said you champion, because of a fistful of ringgit? Ringgit are far more superior than Islam and the Malay race right, PERKASA, King Frog?

PERKASA, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, King Frog, should pressure the Government to ban all forms of gambling in Malaysia if you are really so Islamic and the so-called protector of Islam and Malays. No balls? Fornicating impotence? The more we think of it, the more we are angered because the gambling menace is creating untold misery to millions of Malays/Muslims nationwide; but you are blind to it!  Instead of blaming other factors of the social problems affecting and causing breaking up of families amongst the Malay/Muslim populace, why have you chosen to ignore the basic and most damaging cause?

Instead of caning the three ladies for illicit sex, and Kartika (yet to be caned) for consumption of beer, complaining that Selangor is a den for prostitutes and massage parlours, why are you ignoring the open gambling by Malays/Muslims? Do you mean to say gambling is allowed under Islam? Where are your voices on this matter, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, PERKASA, King Frog and the idiot A. Selamat? Why are you all so quiet on this issue? What about all those Islamic NGOs who came out in support of PERKASA? Why are you all not protecting the Malays/Muslims rights, knowing the chances of winning in a lottery is next to none? Why are you all, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian openly harming and destroying the Malay family by publishing the results of the draws and promoting gambling in your so-called Islamic paper? What happened to all those Islamic religious authorities? Why no enforcement? Is it not shameful to the good Malays and Muslims to see so many Malays/Muslims openly gambling three times a week? Now four? Are you not aware that gambling is a cause for many to turn to prostitution to satisfy their lust and greed to fulfill their gambling dsires? Do you not know that gambling is addicitve?

Why are the Islamic authorities who are so vocal on Islamic issues turning a deaf ear and a blind eye on this blatant flouting of this law? If the so-called Islamic authority really are concerned about the Malays and Muslims, conduct enforcements! Dare not? Because you will offend your political masters? Fear there will not be enough place to keep these offenders? Fear the “towkays”? Are the actual owners Malays or non Malays? You can easily nab tens of thousands of offenders every week throughout the country. Remember, PERKASA, King Frog, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, the owners of the gambling operations are “pendatangs” who came here to be beggars and to sell their bodies! 

Despite all your dramas, PERKASA, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, King Frog, Malaysians of all races hate you for your destruction of the Malay/Muslim close knitted families! Between beer consumption and gambling, which will cause the bigger damage? Answer us, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Perkasa, King Frog! Remember, there is a saying amongst the gambling community – as far as you do not gamble, you will not fall! Entertainment and enjoyment will not make you suffer irreparable financial damage, do you understand, all the fake champions of the Malay/Muslims community?

Follow the example of Kelantan, under the much loved and respected Tok Guru Nik Aziz, if you are a true champion of Islam/Malay community! Ban gambling of all forms! Do you dare to make that protest, PERKASA, King Frog? Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, save the Malay community, pressure the Government to ban gambling! Do a service to the Malay community and Islam! Again no balls? You would rather see the Malay community suffer to benefit the “pendatangs”? Shameful so-called champions and protectors of Islam and Malays! We await to see your response and answer on this sickening menace that is a major cause of the breaking up of Malay/Muslim families nationwide! Otherwise, you are just another sickening “bikin tak serupa cakap” outfit to cause further hardship to the Malays. If you are really the true champions of Islam, act! Otherwise, you please do not call yourselves the champion and protector of Islam and the Malays! Your credibility as one hinges on this sucking issue, PERKASA, King Frog.

But then again, where is the credibility of Utusan and Berita Harian?

Not giving licenses to ungrateful non Malays?  Can UMNO Baru/Perkasa resist the tempations of ringgit notes?  UMNO Baru and PERKASA is a shame to Malaysia and Islam!