When Malays are not Muslims (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

Ketuanan Melayu is haram. Then they use a haram law like the ISA to uphold what is haram. It is just like washing your pork with liquor before eating it. Can the act of ‘cleaning’ pork with liquor now make it halal to eat?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Penang Mufti Datuk Hassan Ahmad has labelled mentally-sound Muslims who dump their babies as apostates.

Their inhumane act was akin to approving what was prohibited by Islam, he said, adding that murder was forbidden and a sin in Islam.

“Although they are Muslims, they kill because they failed to control their emotions and this contributes to their past sin of committing adultery,” he told Bernama after attending a muzakarah (dialogue) titled “Memperkasakan Undang-undang berkaitan Islam” (Empowering Islamic Laws) here today.

He also advised the younger generation to be more knowledgeable and hold on to the teachings of Islam to avoid giving in to desires.

Meanwhile, Universiti Malaya Senior Research Fellow Datuk Dr Abdul Monir Yaacob said declining values of the family institution led to babies being dumped.

He was referring to a recent case where the charred remains of a newborn baby were found in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

“Maybe, they don’t understand the importance of a child in a family and this is the start to immoral activities.

“They may also feel that the child may not be accepted by the public and would be burdened by shame,” he said.

Asked if ignorance led Muslims to commit such acts, Dr Abdul Monir, who is also a member of the Pahang Islamic Religious Council, said:

“Ignorance is not the right term, because they are aware that Islam deems their actions as wrong and a sin.”

In a related matter, Universiti Teknologi Mara’s Centre For Islamic Thought And Understanding Associate Prof Dr Mohamed Azam Mohamed Adil said a mechanimsm to highlight the affects of free sex must be implemented.

“We can’t change what happened. This does not mean I support free sex, but it is important for them not to dump or kill their own babies,” he said.

He added that although the baby was born out of wedlock, the mother needed to learn how to accept the child with help from social agencies. — Malaysian Digest


I love the Penang Mufti. He is far better than the Perak Mufti who almost started a war when he reported that hundreds of Muslims are about to be converted to Christianity in a certain church. Why he was not charged for sedition or criminal defamation is beyond me. If it was I who did that there would be numerous charges awaiting me.

For years I have been telling Malays what being a Muslim means. The responses I get are police reports being made against me and postings in Malaysia Today asking me to ‘go learn more’ before I talk about Islam.

What is there to go learn more, assuming I do need to go learn more? You mean we need to go to an Islamic university to understand what is right and what is wrong? You mean those Chinese who go to Chinese schools do not understand what is right and what is wrong because they did not go to an Islamic university or learn Arabic?

Note the key word the Penang Mufti used: apostates. This means these Muslims are no longer Muslims. They have left Islam.

And why have they left Islam? Because they allowed (legitimised, approved, etc.) what Islam prohibits, explained the Mufti.

Okay, maybe the Mufti was talking about the problem of Muslims abandoning their illegitimate or bastard babies. It was specifically in reference to this issue. But the same thing applies to all other acts as well.

My Tok Guru Abdul Rahman Pattani, whom I have spoken about before, Tok Guru Abdul Hadi Awang, whom I have also spent time with to learn more about Islam, Haji Awang ‘Tukul Besi’ (iron hammer) of Batu Enam Kuala Terengganu, Haji Abbas Khatib Muhammad of Kuala Ibai, and so on, all say the same thing.

And what was it they said?

Kita tak boleh menghalalkan yang haram dan mengharamkan yang halal.

This would translate to: we can’t allow (halal) what is forbidden (haram) and forbid (haram) what is allowed (halal). And this is what the Penang Mufti said. So he too said what the others said: in that if we allow what Islam prohibits, or the other way around, that makes us an apostate — we are no longer Muslims.

They explained that if we change what the Quran says by deeds, it would tantamount to literally changing the Quran. It is as if we have rewritten the Quran with our own hand. And that makes us an apostate.

And this applies not only to abandoning illegitimate or bastard babies. It applies to all things that Islam forbids which you allow, or what Islam allows which you forbid. You cannot change what Islam classifies as halal to haram or what Islam classifies as haram to halal. Halal is halal and haram is haram. It cannot be switched the other way around.

It is so simple. It is so simple it makes me laugh. Yet there are many Muslims who would argue and try to justify why halal should become haram and haram should become halal. And now the Penang Mufti has confirmed what I have been saying all these years: you can’t do that.

Maybe the Mufti was referring to one specific issue, the issue of abandoned babies. But the same applies if we talk about the other issues as well. Take racism as one example. Islam forbids it. Prophet Muhammad in his last sermon on Mount Arafah reminded Muslims that racism is forbidden. It is haram. But Umno propagates it and there are laws that allow it. Umno has committed an act of menghalalkan yang haram (legalise what is forbidden).

What about corruption? This is extremely haram in Islam. How many Muslims pray five times a day, fast the entire month of Ramadhan, go to Mekah to perform the pilgrimage, yet take bribes?

Umno is so corrupted that it is no longer a secret. But 50% of the Malays support Umno even though they know the party is so corrupted. That makes them an accomplice to corruption (bersubahat). And the reason they support Umno in spite of the massive corruption is because Umno upholds Ketuanan Melayu or Malay Supremacy, which is racism and therefore forbidden in Islam.

Okay, that is about allowing what is forbidden. What about forbidding what is allowed? This, as explained by all those Islamic scholars I mentioned above, is equally wrong in Islam.

Islam allows you to speak freely, allows you to assemble in a group of more than four people (in fact, Islam encourages it), makes it mandatory that you speak out against evil (nahi munkar), and so on and so forth. But Umno forbids it. If you do all this you will get arrested or will be detained without trial.

In the first place, Islam forbids detention without trial. Yet the Umno Muslims support the Internal Security Act (ISA). They say the ISA is necessary to be able to uphold Ketuanan Melayu. How this logic applies when the majority of those detained under the ISA are Muslims I just do not see. But this is their logic.

Ketuanan Melayu is haram. Then they use a haram law like the ISA to uphold what is haram. It is just like washing your pork with liquor before eating it. Can the act of ‘cleaning’ pork with liquor now make it halal to eat?

Bodoh punya Melayu!

It is good that the Penang Mufti finally took that bold step in declaring that those who approve what Islam forbids are apostates. I just wish he did not confine the issue to merely abandoned babies. He should have taken that one last step by declaring that all acts of allowing what are forbidden results in apostasy. And he should have explained that all acts would include corruption, racism and whatnot.

Then I would respect him 100%. Now I only respect him 50%. But 50% is better than nothing I suppose because I have absolutely no respect for all those other Muftis who keep their mouths shut and refuse to say anything at all because they want to protect their position in a very well-paying job. These are hypocrite Muftis. They are more concerned with their salaries than with doing the right thing.

Oh, and do they know that their salaries are being paid by the non-Muslim taxpayers and from tax earned from massage parlours, bars and pork sellers?


Translated into Chinese at: http://ccliew.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-post_04.html