An open letter to defecting PKR MPs

Assalamu Alaykum and peace to all,

Three PKR MPs have so far quit the party and turned independent, meaning turned BN MPs. You have that right, but the people who elected you also have some rights.

By Shamsuddin Kamal

All of you left the party upon which you were elected and singled out one reason: no faith in leadership. Some even said they want to go back to Umno (either directly or indirectly) because of bangsa dan agama. Well, dear MPs, most Malaysians know why you are leaving and these are the reasons:

  1. UMNO is behind the spate of defections to hurt Anwar Ibrahim and whoever it finds that has a weak heart, it snatches him/her away to play along.
  1. UMNO wants to humiliate Anwar Ibrahim and whoever it finds has a wicked heart, it beckons him so that he/she will play along.
  1. UMNO wants to salvage whatever that’s remaining of its credibility and does so by playing the racial card and it brings along anyone who can’t see beyond its devilish tactics and so far it has gotten a few.
  1. UMNO wants to incessantly attack Anwar Ibrahim and his family and it will spend any amount of money on whoever it finds is susceptible to corruption and so far it has gotten a few.
  1. UMNO controls the state apparatus and scares anyone who is involved in shady deals forcing him/her to join UMNO or turn independent (read supporting) UMNO/BN unconditionally and so far it has gotten a few.
  1. UMNO is collecting whoever it finds has a case and uses that case against him/her to switch sides and so far it has gotten few.
  1. UMNO knows it can’t get elected PAS leaders because PAS leaders swear to their Creator Allah the Almighty to remain faithful to their ideals whatever may come and therefore it looks for those who swear by God but can only be described by the Qur’anic verse: “They swear by Allah that they are indeed (part) of you; but they are not of you: yet they are afraid (to appear in their true colours).” (Yusf Ali 9: 56)
  1. UMNO knows it can’t get DAP MPs because they are committed to a cause and therefore it instigates the ones who aren’t committed to anything and therefore who behave like the hypocrites. “La ila ha ula, wa la ila ha ula” (neither here nor there) as Allah describes the hypocrites.
  2. UMNO knows who has a weak mind and heart, which can be bought and therefore it sets traps for those and when they fall, the choice is one: go and insult Anwar Ibrahim and PKR and say I’m an independent MP (read UMNO/BN MP) and so far it has gotten a few.
  1. UMNO is doing this to get a case against its rivals, particularly the man it spends sleepless nights on devising ways and means to cripple him, and so far it has gotten a few wicked souls who have breached their trust in God and in the people.
  1. UMNO gave everyone an Utusan Malaysia typical statement, say PKR and PR are not fighting for Islam/Malays and that Anwar failed to act on my/our message. The disdain you have for my people the Malays, the belief that we can’t see through your shenanigans is interesting indeed. I will remind you what Abu Jahl told the men who plotted at night to relieve the Holy Prophet’s clan from the crippling sanctions but posed as innocently concerned: Hadha amrun qad dudhiya bilalyl  (This is a secret plan hatched by the previous night). We can see through your Allah, Islam and the Malay jokes.
  1. None who say his complaints have not being acted upon gave any input earlier or commented on the above issues in any way that’s responsible, honest or inclusive. Former PKR Sec. General Salehuddin Hashim told a Western newspaper and a news agent two months ago that Malaysia will fail if UMNO continues to use racial and religious issues to divide the nation and he gave Malaysia only one decade to collapse. This was after UMNO members burnt some churches. Today, he was supporting the defecting MP on why UMNO is right in instigating evil in the nation on the same issue. Sometimes you cry why God gives time to some people when they can be so wicked and hypocritical but He knows much. “And do not think Allah to be heedless of what the unjust do; He but giveth them respite against a Day when the eyes will fixedly stare in horror.” (14: 42)

It should be noted that none of the MPs who have gone to BN by claiming that they are independent has offered leadership and ideas. None have come out with a political platform to share with the nation. None have gone back to his/her voters to tell one million reasons why suddenly working with UMNO and betraying the PR flag was the moral choice and none have sought an answer from their voters. None have given an intelligent answer as to why they didn’t provide the leadership they aspire for. None have been true to what they have said. None have not been mentioned as a potential frog by the people and the blogs months before he/she left the people and joined the evil ones. None have been brave enough to tell the people the true nature of their actions. And none have been true to One, the Almighty Allah SW.

The turncoats should be reminded that they are being used by UMNO to do one thing: to hurt Anwar Ibrahim. But you forget that you are hurting the people who have left their working stations in far away places to campaign for you, work for you, donate to you and eventually vote for you to win. In fact, Anwar is more getting sympathy today than he was yesterday. You might not have hearts but the people have and the people will show it to you. They won’t forget what you have done. In fact, while the UMNO machinery that coerced you may be happy, neither Allah SW who demands honesty nor your voters are happy. And God will give us the opportunity to exact revenge against you when you expect the least.

For UMNO that’s doing this in the belief that it will break Anwar’s back, I say this to you: Anwar is a mortal, he can drop dead any moment – so you are betraying the people you aspire to lead; but the people who have been hurt will gather in multitudes to compare the notes with you and the turncoats at the right time and I sum up all this with an ancient proverb: The one whose death is being planned has a God too who will save him. God will save this nation, Anwar Ibrahim, PAS, DAP, PKR and all the moral forces in this nation. You shall live long enough to witness it. For now, continue with your evil mechanizations but the Great Master – Allah SW – shall work for those who desire good.

“And those who strive in Our (cause),- We will certainly guide them to our Paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right.” (29: 69)

P.S. To PR supporters, the struggle continues and awakening the nation continues and preparing for tomorrow continues and as RPK said yesterday, selecting the candidates starts today and PKR should subject them to Bay’ah like PAS. Like Chinua Achebe said, for every noble cause, few heads must roll and along the way the men and women who are fighting evil must meet evil and feel pain but we shall overcome. We trust in Allah and in our people. We shall overcome.