Nah, the show must go on

The People’s Parliament

It would be interesting to know the proportion of police reports of alleged sex-related crimes that get NFA’ed ( no further action ) and those that culminate in charges being preferred against the alleged sex offender.

It would also be interesting to know the average number of police man-hours that are invested in investigating police reports of alleged sex-related crimes.

Take a police report of rape.

As I understand it, if there has been such a lapse of time between the alleged rape and the lodging of the report, so that the medical examination turns up little forensic evidence to corroborate the complaint, such a case will most likely be NFA’ed.

Now, what if the report is made very close in time to the alleged rape and the medical examination establishes that there is no evidence of penetration?


Or in such a case, does the investigating officer say, “Oh, go on, let’s probe a little further and see what gives”?

And, as I’ve always understood, in these sort of cases, given the stigma attached to the nature of the allegation, both for the complainant and the alleged perpetrator, from the time a report is made, right through the investigations and until a formal charge is preferred in court after the investigation satisfies the prosecutors that a charge is warranted, the identity of both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator is kept under wraps.

And even after the charge is preferred in court, the complainant’s identity remains withheld.

Saiful’s complaint, it would seem, departed from the norm, in this regard.

Only two parties knew of Saiful’s police report at the time the report was made.

Saiful and the police.

One of these two leaked the fact of the police report to the media the very day that the report was lodged.

This leak is the first hint of the conspiracy that Anwar and his team of lawyers keep harping about.