Top 100 Global Thinker, Anwar No. 32.. but where’s Najib?

From the brains behind Iran’s Green Revolution to the economic Cassandra who actually did have a crystal ball, they had the big ideas that shaped our world in 2009. Read on to see the 100 minds that mattered most in the year that was.

By Anak Sungai Derhaka

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In the first place is Ben Bernanke Chairman of Federal Reserve Washington.

The Zen-like chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve might not have topped the list solely for turning his superb academic career into a blueprint for action, for single-handedly reinventing the role of a central bank, or for preventing the collapse of the U.S. economy.

The last 100 is Paul Kennedy Historian from Yale University.

Kennedy literally wrote the book on imperial decline. His classic, The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, charts the course of the great European empires, describing the pattern of economic expansion, territorial conquest, and imperial overstretch to which countries from Spain to Britain fell victim.

And on the Number 32 is Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition leader People’s Justice Party Malaysia.

Two decades ago, it would have been impossible to imagine Anwar pulling together rural Malays, ethnic Indians and Chinese, and Islamists into a coherent political bloc. Back then, Anwar was deputy prime minister in a de facto single-party state that espoused preferential treatment for ethnic Malays.

But where is my beloved Prime Minister Najib placed?

Aiyahhh… Not in ranking lo..

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