The Langkawi Lie – Malaysia Treats Tourists With Contempt!

Malaysia is at it again. Another day, another cover-up, another threat, another round of bullying and intimidation. While they are not alone in the region, Malaysia takes the moral high ground in many areas and purports to be a fair player in South-East Asian affairs. Well something so simple as a truthful, open and honest finding in the death of Swedish woman Carin Lofgren killed by what her husband described as a classic case of Box Jellyfish envenomation was obviously too difficult.

By Box Jellyfish in Thailand & The Region

Read this article in Phuketwan, read the quotes from the poor husband who witnessed the horrific death of his wife, read the comment from the paramedics and shake your head in sheer disbelief seeing a post mortum conducted by Malaysian authorities concluded cause of death as drowning!

This outrageous, offensive and completely disrespectful finding is clearly designed on the premise that ignorance is bliss so as to not draw attention to Langkawi’s Box Jellyfish problem and scare away tourists – of which around 2.5million visit each year.

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