Isu Sebatan Wanita – Islam atau Politik?

Art Harun

I have been meaning to write about the abundance of hypocrisy in the caning of the three women for their alleged voluntary confession of illicit sex. However, the universe connived to prevent me from doing so in a timely manner.

However, a learned friend of mine, Shaikh Saleem, has written an excellent article about that issue. I must say everything that he says reflects my sentiments – and even more – on the issue. I can do no better than to reproduce – with his kind permission – his article on the issue.

(Readers of the Federal Court decision in the Nizam vs Zambry case would note that Zambry won by 5-0. However only ONE Judge wrote a judgment. The other 4 just agreed with the one Judge who wrote a judgment. In the truest tradition of these Judges who are inclined to just adopt a judgment written by someone else, even though the matter at hand is so important, I hereby reproduce what these Judges (who do not write judgment but just adopt a judgment) normally say: “I have had the benefit of reading my learned brother’s opinion on the matter and I find myself in entire agreement with what has been expressed by him. I wholeheartedly concur with what he has written and I do not wish to add another word to his otherwise perfect opinion.”)