ASP Vasantha Kumar, a police special branch plant appointed by IGP

His suit is applied to be struck off by Hindraf Coordinater Tamil Selvan at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on the grounds that this ASP was not appointed a Hindraf leader like P. Waytha Moorthy but was appointed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) when he was supposedly “arrested” under the ISA (which key Hindraf leaders are puzzled why? (Refer Makkal Osai 20/2/10 page 8). Intelligence sources reveal that this ASP Vasantha Kumar was paid RM1.5 Million for his 1½ years’ stay under ISA at Kamunting and that he is not to use this money until after five years to avoid suspicion of his sudden lavish lifestyle change.

By S Kalidasan

In any event, it is a mystery of what his full time job is right now as he never stated so in his Summons dated 14/1/2010 (despite it being a legal requirement). What does he do to earn a living to feed his wife and three children?

Many ISA detainees had noted that this ASP had never ever complained about his “supposed” ISA detention at Kamunting prison all throughout his 1½ years of “detention”, he had never ever complained that he missed his children if not his wife. Even the hardcore Jemaah Islamiah Islamic extremist ISA detainees could not contain their frustrations and keep persistently complaining on a day to day basis that they miss their children. How come this ASP Vasantha Kumar could be so strong inside Kamunting jail when he had only a three month stint in Hindraf and that too as a runner and with zero involvement in any other NGOs or political party activities before 13/12/07? How come Hindraf’s other frontliners, S. Jayathas and N. Surendren, were never arrested under the ISA but instead this ASP was detained under ISA? Strange!

The scores of leaflets nationwide prove that he was never an official speaker at any of the Hindraf nationwide forums pre 13/12/07. But how could he emerge as a Hindraf leader out of the blue? Just because he was detained under the ISA with the other Hindraf lawyers?

Even the long term Hindraf lawyer who had stood alongside P. Uthayakumar even before Hindraf Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy came into the picture spoke to this ASP Vasantha Kumar for the very first time only at Kamunting Prison on 13th December 2007 and never ever at anytime before that. But with UMNO’s print and electronic media, this ASP Vasantha Kumar had been made out to be a Hindraf leader on 13th December 2007 by virtue of his supposed “detention” under the ISA together with four other Hindraf lawyers.

Any other Tom, Dick or Harry arrested by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and detained under the ISA together with the Hindraf lawyers and then “declared” Hindraf leaders by the IGP would be perceived as such but not for long. Given time, the truth will surface and prevail. But keep a lookout for the operational warfare this ASP embarks on under the instructions of the IGP, Federal Special Branch Director and UMNO. This ASP uses especially the three Tamil newspapers to cause confusion and an apparent “split” among Hindraf leaders. There is no split between Manoharan Malayalam, R. Kengatharan, P. Uthayakumar and P. Waytha Moorthy who had known each other since their law student days in London since the 1980’s. Ganabathirau was known to these four lawyers also about only three months before the ISA arrest on 13/12/07. These three Tamil press get instructions from the Home Ministry KDN from time to time to give coverage to this ASP in pursuit of their operational and psychological warfare to cause confusion and split the Indian community which had emerged strong during and after the 25th November 2007 HINDRAF Rally.

This ASP’s full time job now seems to be launching personal attacks against, in particular, P. Uthayakumar and HINDRAF Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy. This ASP is instructed by the Malaysian Police Special Branch top brass to take the direct opposite position against Hindraf’s and HRP’s position. The latest being the Kampong Buah Pala, the Ladang Batu Pekaka and Kuala Ketil Hindu crematorium demolishments. Take note that he does not attack or seriously criticize the top UMNO leadership on the scores of Indian
issues highlighted even on a day to day basis in our website Never a letter, memorandum or any document appears under his name before his supposed “ISA arrest on 13th December 2007”.

A Google search on this ASP Vasantha Kumar pre-13th December 2007 would reveal this truth.

To us, the truth is he is a police ASP Special Branch E3M special officer assigned to cause confusion and break up Hindraf vis a vis the Indian community under Ops Padam Hindraf as was acknowledged by the Deputy Federal Police CID Chief DCP Mohd Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani from the witness stand at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court before Judge Sabariah Osman on 14th January 2010 in P. Uthayakumar’s “ethnic cleansing” Sedition trial.

In conclusion, no one in Hindraf knows this mysterious ASP Vasantha Kumar until about three months before his supposed “ISA arrest” on 13/12/07.