Clowns managing a Country

When I switch on the TV and open the papers, BN is right there in front of me. Day in, day out they’re out nailing the opposition. If only they would channel that energy towards truthfully helping the ‘rakyat’ but no, hell no; instead it’s all about finding fault with the opposition.

By A very concerned Batman

Notice how many times Perak, Penang and Selangor hit the headlines almost every week without fail the last one year. And most recently Kelantan has joined the lineup of being assaulted by BN.

What does BN take us for? Ignorant and naive citizens? I for one beg to differ and consider myself analytical and critical of my surroundings. BN to me represents hypocrisy to the highest order. Allow me to elaborate. Besides, a true democracy allows its citizens to voice out their opinions and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

The procurement of 5 states by the opposition through a valid democratic voting system is a testament of the people’s true feelings and objections of the previous ruling coalition and their obvious outcry for change. Now, to forcefully reoccupy these states by hook or by crook is incriminatingly undemocratic. BN thinks the people of Perak are forgetful and time will heal but I doubt that.

They are using a different tact in Penang by constantly harassing and provoking the Chief Minister. I notice many a time racial and religious issues are used to incite civil unrest. The extent to which some would go to, to regain power is degrading. I for one would never support any party with such intentions and neither would anyone in the right state of mind. In this day and age we should do away with racial and religious politics and every man should be treated equally and rewarded meritocratically.

Though being a minority, I think I can boastfully claim that I’m a true Malaysian for I love and appreciate all my friends of whatever race without any prejudice. It’s the government that is sowing the discord amongst the races and anyone with average intelligence should take heed.

Lately, the incredibly embarrassing protest of UMNO in front of the Australian Embassy is something I find very appalling. Not only did they show how uncivilized they were by depicting one of the banners with the tagline ‘to hell with Australia’, they also have generally paved a very bad name for every Malaysian currently studying, working and residing in Australia. The extent to which they have gone to jeopardize international relations have self-labelled themselves as dis-credible and unfit in managing this country any further. What these people stand for does not represent the thoughts and views of the general population of Malaysia. I think we’re way more intelligent and accountable than them.