Reach Out, Pull In

I’m actually glad to see so much change at work in the journey for democracy recently. I see more secrets and inside stories being revealed so that people know what lies behind an act or speech of the evil ruling party. I see how some facts and proof can be downloaded to be shown to the public at wish, I see more people participating positively online. However, as many would still believe – the people of the rural areas could still be easily “brainwashed”.

By avancc

There has been a suggestion that the states under PR governance set up localized radio stations, for the sake of reaching further to people in rural areas. Although that would be a good idea, I’m sure the federal government would again impose laws against illegal broadcasting, etc.

However, the media of information transfer isn’t just in newspapers, Radio, and TV. Well, not to say we shouldn’t keep trying on that. But I think we should try all areas, all angles, and all methods.

Get information available in CDs, DVDs, VCDs, We could even make poems, songs with lyrics that show corruption, and evil acts of the Corrupted Lot, together with hints to tangible and noticeable clues.

I’ve seen some works in youtube which are very creative. For example – the “legendary Namewee”. However, most of them focus more on humiliating and complaining. I would rather suggest something more solid. A song that can be easily remembered, but having lyrics that hold enough details for the common people to start questioning.

Take for example: – the great Balinese mansion, where the authorities state that there would be no investigation; but how was the money acquired?

Or about the New Port, where millions and millions of public funds have been channelled nowhere.

Or about the murder of a young beautiful model who was killed (I like this, it can be made into a movie that even “Shutter”, and “Ju-On” needs to move aside).

Or about the few great quotes like “correct, correct, correct” or “I don’t know about it” (this sounds like one of MJ’s song’s name).

Or the “Last flight of an Aide”, or “Death in Custody”.

How about titles like “Where had our Land Gone”? and “That’s Where Taxes Go”.

I’m sure you can catch from the titles above which cases I’m talking about, right? With enough “promotion”, I’m sure even kampong kids will be singing it as their lullaby.

They make enough propaganda through their BTN, now PR would be able to give them back the same concept as the BTN, only nationwide.

We could even make sajak, pantun or even syair; dangdut, or wayang kulit shows. Put in stories that show the evil acts, and make it so understandable that people could not misunderstand. But put the information in such a manner that it is not too obviously direct.

Well, they might start another Operasi Lalang, but what have they to hold against us? The storyline does not mention names, or whatever secrets … only valuable information that helps even the people of rural areas to start reasoning, start thinking. There is surely no crime in doing that, is there?

Well, where did our PERIBAHASA come from if not from important events in our ancestors’ lives? In the future generation, we’ll have new ones made by sacrifices of great leaders for the communities.

P.S-> Now what would come to your mind when the word “Mensaifulkan” is mentioned?