Imagined threat of a non-existent race

The daily life of an average middle class Malaysian is filled to the brim with nothing but racial controversies. The nation is the home of a diverse group of people who are from different ethnic classifications. Instead on being identified as nationalist we are trapped in a cobweb of our founding fathers making of a nation of racist. This has resulted in the nation which is endowed with people of certain ethnic groups who have the talents and the ability to out shine and overcome any discriminatory policies that were first set in motion in the year of 1970 by the Barisan National (BN) government, as it still languishes in the pit of a bottomless sewer, where the ethnic purported Malay masses are still living in poverty.

Even in this day and age the United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) which is the dominant party in the BN is not able to face reality that it will not be able to create history as UMNO endeavours to re-write history. 

UMNO is engaged in an expedition and a misadventure to erase the well enshrined and deep rooted historical facts of how this nation was discovered, colonized and developed and grossly fails to give recognition to the people that devotedly contributed to laying the foundation to making this nation to be what it is today.

Why is it so?