A Simple Fact

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

Perkasa says ‘anti-Malay’ Guan Eng lied about Prophet’s birthday do  

I read with utter disgust Perkasa’s comments on the above. The accusations are highly seditious, inflammatory, and downright insane. The race and religious card is being played with impunity, and yet the government is sitting tight and not moving an eyebrow.

The 1malaysia concept is being torn to tatters with such unspeakable remarks, and just this morning Najib was talking about racial unity. If UMNO does not sanction such remarks by racists, it should take action to reprimand such openly insensitive remarks.

By branding a Chinese as anti Malay is an outrageous accusation. The Chinese and Malays take such remarks very sensitively. And this situation can get out of control. 

The glue that binds the races together will melt and it may cause another racial conflict. Already, race relations is at an all time low, and such politicians should not be let out to roam free to destabilize the peaceful coexistence among the races.

But if we prosecute this politician, the MSM will make him a martyr of the Malays! 

Malays are not against the Chinese or other races, it is the politicians that disturb the peace by such propaganda. And their so-called slogan of protecting the rights of the Bumiputras is just a facade for them to go on plundering the nation. After 50 years of protecting and nurturing us Bumiputras, we still lag behind the non-Bumiputras. This shows that something is very wrong somewhere.

Lately, Perkasa says that Bumiputras need to be on par economically with others, if not, 1Malaysia will not achieve its objective. This again is hogwash because in realty only the elite benefited, while the rest of the Bumiputras were left to pick up the bones. 

So, non-Bumiputras, please do not be deceived by these so-called NGOs that claim to protect Bumiputra and Malay rights. At least half of us know that it is just a sandiwara played continuously for over 50 years to entertain the nation. Today, the Bumiputra is still worse off than ever, but we do not blame others, but ourselves. 

I see the day, when the non-Bumiputras decide to call it quits, and start to migrate en masse. That day, when all the others are gone forever, We will start to miss the chatter of old Chinese families, the familiar sound of Chinese opera, the firecrackers, and the ah moi in blue jeans and t-shirt; the Indians, in saris and their fiery curries and papadam. Gone will be the pubs and discos, the Carlsberg advertisements, the cinemas, the entertainment outlets with the live bands; when our TVs no longer broadcast Chinese and Hindi movies; gone from the supermarkets, are the Christmas trees ornaments, and Santa Claus lookalikes, the lively festivals of the other races, the Thaipusam parades, the dragon boat festivals, and the Christmas carolling, etc.

We need the Chinese and the Indians, and the rest of the races; for without them Malaysia would have lost its identity, and its cultural potpourri that makes Malaysia unique. 

If they go, I will follow too, as this country will be too boring to stay anymore. Everyone has contributed to this nation, and we are all Malaysians. WHY,WHY, WHY can’t the government accept such a simple fact???

Why are we still separated racially? Why must there be a more superior race? Everyone knows we are not, and yet we still console ourselves that we are, and that we still need protection, and sustenance, to be economically on par with the non-Bumis.

Germany made a mistake with Nazism, and has corrected it. Yet we are stupid enough not to see through this charade, and year after year still vote for the same government that is hell bent to see that we are kept apart through their divide and rule policies. 

Because of this, Malaysians are one of the most unpatriotic citizens, as really there is nothing about this nation of ours to be proud of!! Our government has lost our trust and respect, yet they still cling on to their thrones, and hopping from one party to another, while promising heaven. 

The PERC report recently disputed by Muhyiddin, jolts us back to reality. We will slowly lose valuable foreign investment with our hard, stubborn approach to governance in this land. And with a disintegrating opposition, it is hard to paint a rosy picture of the future of this country. MAY GOD HELP US!!!