Recent observation on Malaysia’s Politics.

By avancc

In the recent political development in Malaysia, I’m beginning to see a sign. I don’t know if I’m seeing it wrongly, but I’m sharing it here so that I can be corrected, or stand a chance to correct others who didn’t know.

Firstly, I’ll like to mention about the recent barking of some individuals alleging that a chief minister is a dictator. I don’t know them personally, but from what I could see, sometimes some people have to make their stand on certain issues, especially when the interest of his community is in concern. Plus, what was the basis of the barking? Any proofs? I heard lots of hearsay. But anything to prove he really did it?

What amuses me more is the remark by TPM that there must be something since someone said/claimed it. This “Tukang pepecahan perpaduan” is again trying to make his countrymen believe in hearsay… Trying to use his stature in making an impact to something that has not been proven yet.

Well, if he’s soooo believing into hearsay, why didn’t he claim the same “there must be something” to the Balinese Mansion? Come on TPM! Say it!! We would want to hear that too!

Just a few days before the court case between the 2 MB, I have seen coverage on the mainstream newspaper on what good things thie MB has done. But the funny thing is, it only mentioned “Good”. What has he done to be called “good”? Too bad I can’t count any. It only says about him being close to rakyat. But what are the things he’s done to be close to the rakyat? I can’t see any.

This is cheap publicity done to pull support from those who didn’t know. A story telling service to make up good, beautiful and perfect image of their people. But the truth, is always shrouded from us.

I was expecting the ruling over the MB’s issue to be balanced, or at least some justice. But again, I am disappointed. Lets compare the ruling of the “Allah” issue to this one. In the “Allah” issue, the judge gave a very detailed explanation over the ruling, and valid reasons they were. But what reasons were given for this unanimous support over an unconstitutional elected representative? Shouldn’t there be at least one objection? Something must be wrong isn’t it? I’m waiting to hear their reasons of ruling in the way they just did, and it has better be a good one. Because it will again give us more reason to reject them.

At the mean time, we read that some PKR members are leaving the party. At that particular moment, that particular time. It suggests an act by traitors, who falling to the plans of the evil ones, are trying to make an image of “Hey look, we will win no matter what, you still hanging on the PKR and die?”. It appears like a threatening call to make some fence sitting, no-direction members to quickly jump to a supposedly more powerful party, to ensure their survival. I have a feeling those who jumped ship are either ex-B.N, or “virus” plugged in to make damage.

Then the case against DSAI. I don’t see why the case CAN be continued, after so many doubts. Ever remembering what the “Victim” says about not having bowel movement for 2 days? Well, can the doctor who inspected him CONFIRM that? I think if they DIG deep enough to find semen, there, I’m sure they’ll find some clue if he is suffering from constipation too right? Like, slow bowel movement, or bad breath, etc? 2 days without bowel movement in a person who doesn’t normally suffer from constipation, I bet his breath would smell bad, right?

Plus, he said he prepared himself for the sodomy. In that case, didn’t he consent to the act as well? Shouldn’t he be charged as well?

8 – 9 times of sodomy act, I wonder what his anus is made of. There is no sign of old and new tear, no wound, nothing.

Now, if they are so persistent in this case, what about the Mongolian girl’s murder? Why aren’t anyone persistent on that case?

Ok, we have also heard racist remarks from some people from the PM’s office. Why is there no further action taken? Why only reports, and more reports. Isn’t the ISA very efficient in hauling up people who made seditious statements?

Now, while all attacks are done towards the rakyat, and P.R, I do not see them retaliating. Instead, the people from the federal ruling party is trying to make a scene, having demonstration (something they condemned before. Funny they got permit for it), screaming on the streets, and shouting angrily without even knowing for sure what basis/proofs they have to start shouting.

All the acts seems to suggest a sign. That they are beginning to behave more like an “opposition” now. Arranging demonstrations with slogans, shouting on the streets, Publishing bad image about the other party with made up stories, Accusing P.R’s member, making claims on some statements of those who opposed P.R etc. Even a foreigner could sees it.  In fact, the whole world could see it. And again they threaten others not to meddle with their business. It’s an act that is “samseng”, an act of mobsters.

Now when the ruling party began to behave like an opposition, does it mean they still command the hands of the majority? Or does it show they are loosing support, but kept publishing made up statistics on their power, supports and achievements?

To P.R, Keep going, and keep calm. Your actions, and responds to attacks in the proper manner will gain our respects, and so our support will be yours. Don’t be like B.N where issues were ignored, neglected and act if nothing has happened. That is annoying, and a disrespect to tax payers. For example, the Balinese mansion, or the “Correct, Correct, Correct” case. It’s being dodged and excuses and more excuses given for not investigating it.

 Just one thing. Remember to check your members, and train up capable ones to be steady, stable, sturdy and firm leaders. Else, those fickle minded members will morph into frogs when they are shown the whip.

Good luck in our quest. They may force their way through the ruling now, we’ll have them face justice to their actions after the next GE. Please remember their face now so that we’ll remind the P.R gov to have them judged properly then. I hope the sign that I am seeing is right, that the current ruling party is not only behaving like an opposition, but WILL be the opposition after the next GE.