And the losers are…

The picture of two contrasting man capture many headlines yesterday. My favourite picture is shown below where it shows the contrasting reaction from two opposing leaders. Maybe it is not the actual picture taken immediately after the court decision but certainly it demonstrate the feelings appropriately.

While there are plenty of commentaries about the decision which I don’t want to dwell much into it as the reaction from the two camps are expected. Najib and the AG reactions are well scripted and executed. In my mind, there are 2 clear losers in this battle and it is not Nizar or Pakatan.

The first loser would be the people of Perak. They have decided in the last GE who is to govern them and yesterday, the government that they chose was taken away from them the courts. Some may say that the 5 judges has acted in a fair manner but I guess for the people who understand the law, they can appreciate that the judges has not acted in a fair manner. No amount of legal argument can justify the decision made by the famous five.