YBK- Is it about the poor?

By Dr. Rafick

1.     The Malay Mail reported that the YBK chairman Datuk Zainal Abidin Sakom (ZAS) made the report against Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and his officers at the district police headquarters for allegedly spreading defamatory statements on the body and its trustees. The record shows that ZAS has literally been begging the streets to raise RM5.6 mill to pay the Selangor State in quit rent arrears or they will lose 448 acres of land alienated to it.

2.     Is it impossible for YBK to raise RM5.6 mill? I believe ZAS and his friends can raise the money over a game of golf and advance it the money to YBK and then YBK can move on. Records show that have more than RM20 mill in accumulated funds in their account and yet they chose not to pay the Selangor state. I think with the kind of assets YBK has, the trustees can walk into any bank and ask for an Over draft facility. My conclusion is that YBK has the capabilities and the capacity to settle this issue but they did not.

3.     Politician thinks in a very unusual manner. They always look at political mileage for everything that they do. It is quite clear that YBK trustee and the Selangor UMNO(BN) has weigh the cost and benefit and they chose not to pay. They feel they can make  political gains on this issue especially among the semi urban areas of Selangor. They are focusing on the emotional group of people that can easily be influenced by playing the sympathy and victim card.

4.     In the Malay Mail the paper shows the image of former inmates  and orphans of the YBK Hostel carrying posters of Khalid with horns (which imply that he is a devil). Who put up these children to this entire act? Maybe there is some good artist among the children and they have connections with printers that can produce such pictures. Clearly, the politicians are taking advantage of these gullible children. Isn’t there a law against the use of children for political purpose? I believe the Child Act 2001 speaks volume. I am surprised that Shahrizat Jalil had not said anything about this matter.

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