Vanakam, Father of 1-Malaysia

I guess it is now public knowledge on how the Batu Caves Temple committees had snubbed the Selangor MB in trying to accommodate Najib and his merry man. It was reported that the MB had to address the crowd under a flyover whereas Najib was given the grandstand where he spoke at length about 1-Malaysia and Islam and the need to focus on Malaysia.

When it becomes apparent that Selangor government will be snubbed on an important event on the Selangor soil, the Selangor government requested for a permit to organize a gathering. Unfortunately the police refused the event permit at the last minute. The Selangor MB was given a second class treatment by the organizer. Their stage was destroyed by the police. The MB spoke from a makeshift stage attached to a Selayang Municipal Council truck.
If ever the people need of an example of “cakap tak serupa bikin”, this incident is the best example. When Najib goes around talking about 1-Malaysia, he failed to accept that the election is over long time ago and government has been formed. The MB is appointed by the people and he is the MB for all people in Selangor. He should have been given the proper treatment as an MB.
Clearly the crowd at Batu Caves is not impressed on what has happened. Samy was booed. It was reported that the ” defacto PM and her husband” received a lukewarm response. The people in Batu Caves was shown the ugly side of 1-Malaysia where people wishes was not respected.