The lone voice of genuine reform

Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad
To paraphrase Warren Bennis, leadership is like beauty, it’s hard to define but you know when you face one. I’ve little qualm to admit that the kelantan prince, Tengku Razaleigh or widely known as Ku Li, has it.  

I have always thought that my few but close encounters, particularly of late, in the parliament with him allow me to say this with some degree of accuracy. I must admit that being mere mortals all of us have our ups and downs, our idiosyncrasies, our shortcomings, whatever, but I still taught of him as being special. 
Today, I stand vindicated. Given the dearth of leaders in Umno/BN, nay the entire nation, Ku Li really stood tall and made a huge mockery of the empty rhetoric of the 1- Malaysia of his party’s President. Ku Li once said ‘Empty rhetoric breeds contempt and distrust’. I couldn’t agree more?  
Incidentally both PAS and PKR (and as well DAP) must equally take heed of this reminder as their dispensing of justice of late, in their own backyard are a far cry from the rhetoric of ‘Justice for All’. It surely leaves a very bad aftertaste to say of the least. I’m unable to amplify for the time being, but Khalid’s case seems quite unpalatable to many a well-wisher of Justice. That I must have the courage to say it squarely to all, without fear or favour again. 
At a time when the nation faces seemingly unending crises, there’s a lone voice from the backwoods of the rotten-to-the-core-Umno/BN government, who now stood for everything against the whims and fancies of his party. Perhaps like many humiliated and distressed souls of the nation, (this writer included), he now deems it ‘Enuf is Enuf”. 
Lest you think that I’m copious with my accolades for him because he stands for the oil royalty of the PAS-led Kelantan state government and the Kelantanese people, you are wrong again. It wouldn’t have meant much, nothing spectacular as that’s almost plain vanilla. vengeance 
But he now stands to not only fight for the right of kelantan. He is also trying to correct the abuses by the federal government in the way they allocate money and grants to the different states, including Sabah and Sarawak. And should I say the entire federation.