Talkin’ bout The New Order (UPDATED with Chinese and BM Translation)

What’s the point of Anwar being on the outside if he does nothing? Better he go to jail. At least the opposition can benefit from it. That is what it has been reduced to. Anwar is more an asset dead than alive.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Member of Parliament for Bayan Baru, Zahrain Mohd Hashim, has announced that he has ten Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament ready to follow him into Barisan Nasional.

Okay, he may have two or three; maybe even four; but certainly it is far from ten, as he claims.

Actually, the plan for Zahrain to jump was mooted quite a while ago. And, a few weeks ago, the final pieces were put in place. But he could not just make the move for no rhyme or reason. He needs a ‘strong reason’, a sort of ‘due justification’, to make the move or else he would look like an opportunistic scumbag and slime-ball.

And that was why he came out to openly whack the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, and call him a dictator, Communist-minded, and whatnot.

He was hoping that Guan Eng would whack him back and challenge him to leave PKR and go join Umno or whatever. Then Guan Eng would be seen as an arrogant Chow Lang who ‘forced’ Zahrain out. Guan Eng would then be seen as the aggressor and Zahrain the victim.

But Guan Eng was smarter than they gave him credit for and he did not take the bait. He did not respond the way they hoped and expected. So the plan is now dead in the water. And if Zahrain makes his move then he would suffer a very serious credibility problem.

Time is running out for Zahrain. He needs this thing to happen as soon as possible, before the MACC catches up on him. It seems he has a lot of skeletons in the closet from his Umno days. The MACC has enough shit to send him to jail for 100 years. And only by jumping into Umno can he save his sorry arse. If he waits for the MACC to come arrest him and charge him for a dozen counts of corruption before he announces he is leaving PKR to join Umno it may be too late.

And he wants to offer some icing on the cake to make it more attractive to Umno. He wants to offer Umno a delicious ‘package’. And that is why he announced he is able to bring ten other Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament together with him to join Barisan Nasional. And he is not talking about just Malay Members of Parliament but a couple of Chinese and Indians as well.

But all these Members of Parliament are what the Malays would call ‘orang-orang yang bermasalah’. In English that means people with problems.

One is a Chinese Member of Parliament who accumulated loads of gambling debts. To pay off some of these gambling debts he borrowed a lot of money from the alongs (loan sharks) and they are now hounding him for the return of the money. He is under so much pressure he is even afraid to go home lest the alongs spot him and come knocking on his door.

Invariably, he needs a lot of money to pay off his gambling debts plus what he owes the alongs. And where to get the money other than from Barisan Nasional? So he is joining Zahrain’s so-called ‘exodus’ in return for a big chunk of money, which will help pay off all his debts.

The trouble is, he not only needs a lot of money to service his debts and to keep the bill collectors and alongs off his back. He also needs money to finance his lifestyle of wine, women, song and casinos.

So, this is not only about paying off his debts. It is also about allowing him to continue his womenising and gambling because he is not ready to ‘retire’ just yet. He wants to continue enjoying his lifestyle — but only this time with enough money to finance that lifestyle.

Another Chinese Member of Parliament in this gang about to jump has two mistresses. Yes, that’s right, you heard me right. Two mistresses! And one of these mistresses — who lives in Taman Tun Dr Ismail — has just given birth. So this Chinese Member of Parliament has just become a father of an illegitimate child and this has caused some problems for him.

Umno has threatened to expose him and to reveal his immoral lifestyle. What future will he have after that? So, to protect his secret and to ensure that Umno will not reveal the story about his mistresses and bastard child and whatnot, he needs to consider leaving Pakatan Rakyat and go join Barisan Nasional, maybe MCA, Gerakan or PPP.

So, as I said, those in the gang of ten that Zahrain said will join him in leaving Pakatan Rakyat to go join Barisan Nasional are orang-orang yang bermasalah.

Okay, so ten Pakatan Rakyat Members of Parliament are going to jump over to Barisan Nasional, said Zahrain (although I believe it is lesser than that). And if that happens then Barisan Nasional is going to gain back their two-thirds majority in Parliament. However, honestly, I don’t care a damn. Let them leave even if that results in Barisan Nasional gaining back its two-thirds majority in Parliament.

We have to start talking about The New Order. And to achieve The New Order we need the Members of Parliament and State Assemblypersons to be people of a higher moral fibre. Pakatan Rakyat has to set certain benchmarks and establish a value system. And anyone who does not come up to the mark has to go.

Let us start talking about Politik Baru (New Politics). The old style politics of expediency and opportunity need to be abolished. And anyone who still plays by the old rules needs to be chopped off. Just kill them off and throw their bodies into the pigsty for the pigs to enjoy their dinner.

The people are totally fed up with what has been going on these last two years or so. They voted for change. They voted for a new government to see this change. But all they got was the same old shit packaged in a new bottle.

That was what they voted for on 8 March 2008? In that case why bother to vote for change? If we want Barisan Nasisonal style politics then just vote Barisan Nasional. Why vote Pakatan Rakyat if all you get is the same old shit?

But it takes two hands to clap. The rats can’t play if not because the cat is away. And that is why these rats have become rodents of the worst kind — because the cat has gone to sleep.

And the ‘cat’ I am talking about is of course Anwar Ibrahim. Is it any coincidence that all these orang-orang yang bermasalah are those close to Anwar?

These orang-orang yang bermasalah have become a huge masalah because Anwar has done nothing about them. No doubt all these people have been problem people from the very beginning and in their ‘previous life’ in Umno or Barisan Nasional. But they are able to become a problem only because Anwar is allowing them to be a problem.

Anwar is beginning to become a liability to the opposition cause. Anwar can better serve the opposition cause by going to jail. At least in jail we can use Anwar as the icon of injustice and get some mileage out of his incarceration. With Anwar on the outside the opposition gains nothing.

What’s the point of Anwar being on the outside if he does nothing? Better he go to jail. At least the opposition can benefit from it. That is what it has been reduced to. Anwar is more an asset dead than alive.

Can Zahrain maybe convince Anwar to join the gang of ten who are going to soon leave Pakatan Rakyat to join Barisan Nasional? That would be like killing two birds with one stone as far as I am concerned. The problem is solved and the one who is allowing the problem to perpetuate is also solved at the same time.

Am I wishing for too much?


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