Lies! Lies! Lies! (aka GTP!)

What is this GTP that I am reading about? A three year government transformation programme “wanted by the Rakyat” to “ensure continued success” of the “commendable socio-economic development” so far achieved by the UMNO “way of doing things”?

By Steadyaku47

Please Sir Mr Prime Minister…. Let me tell you what the Rakyat wants! They do not want any “bold transformation”. They do not want any “new methodology”. They do not need for the Government to “remain steadfast to continue to achieve the targets in the GTP although there were challenges ahead”. The Rakyat does not need to “share information on the progress made on the implementation of the GTP”. We are not impressed by Civil Servants who “conducted meetings up to 5am”!

We do not need for you to tell us of the six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) identified to spearhead the Government’s transformation because we have our own take on what should be done.

·      Reducing crime (We know it takes a thief to catch one but is PDRM the thief you are using to do the catching – if not then start cleaning up PDRM first!)

·      Fighting corruption (start from within UMNO & Barisan – in fact, if you do that effectively then there might not even be any corruption to fight!)

·      Improving student outcomes (stop tinkering with the education system and using it for your own vested interest)

·      Raising living standards of low-income households (maybe if you guys in UMNO do not take so much from the Nation coffers for yourselves then there might just be a bit more for the low income to share amongst themselves)

·      Improving rural basic infrastructure (have to lah … a lot of votes there for UMNO!)

·      Improving urban public transport (can be done if the target is really to improve public transport and not to satisfy the greed of UMNO stalwarts and their cronies!)

We know what UMNO should have done. We know what UMNO needs to do. We even know what UMNO is doing!

We have had over 50 years of it! We have had enough of it! 

But Najib, you are right about one thing! The Rakyat will assess whether UMNO has fulfilled their promise to the people! The Rakyat will assess whether they can “touch and experience the improvements in their lives”.

For now I can tell you this, Najib. Whatever you do. However you do it. Even if you do nothing at all, nothing … and I mean nothing will neutralize the inevitability of defeat for UMNO in the next general elections! As sure as you and I are of Bugis stock … it will come. 

You want to know what the Rakyat wants? Let me tell you.

·      Stop Corruption.

·      One people.

·      Justice for all.

·      And an accounting of all that has been done by you and all those UMNO and Barisan leaders that have come before you.

To do this you do not need a GTP or 1Malaysia. It starts with you. Tell us your part in the murder of Altantuya! It is as simple as that! No need for a GTP. Just raise your right hand and say “I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” … and of course followed by Mahathir and the other goons from UMNO to tell us what was their part in the rape and pillage of Malaysia under UMNO! Do that and maybe  … just maybe … the incoming PKR Government will find it in their heart to not go on a witch hunt but allow the Judiciary to pursue its duty without fear or favor. Either way you guys are done!