Cash aid for Divorcees

On Monday January 12th 2010, Minister In The Prime Ministers Department (In charge of Islamic Affairs) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharum has announced that the government has allocated a fund or RM15million (US4.30 million dollars) to aid the Muslim women who is undergoing divorce and has not been paid maintainance.

By Qalam Iqra Online

Since the announcement comment has comes from all quarters with different views some are for it and some are against it. Whatever it is personally I would like to commend the move with reservations especially in implementing the aid to those who really deserved it. What kind of mechanism must be used to distribute the aid to those in need. Who will decide on the applicant’s elegiblity to apply for the loan?. What are the quantum to be given to each and every case of the applicant.

The aid is supposed to be in the form of loan to the divorcees. What type of loan will it be? How much interest is chargeable? if any When and how the loan will be repaid to the government? What will happen if the divorcees defaulted the repayment? And the questions will go on and on and on.

May be it is too early for everybody to make assumptions over the issue but it is rather important to think of all those matters before it is implemented. We hope it will not be like study loans given out to elegible students under MARA, PTPTN, PETRONAS and JPA. At the end of the day if the defaulters cannot pay, their names will be published in local newspapers. This will only happen after years of “chasing”.And again a new problem arise.

Certainly if we want to aid people in need it must not be too burdensome to them. Aiding is one thing, and to be fair to all those eligible is another matter. While the needy is aided and the tax payers money must also be protected.