Penan youth’s 10-year wait for MyKad

(Free Malaysia Today) – Waiting for an identity card–or MyKad–is something every Malaysian must go through.
So how long is the queue?

It depends on who you know and in which state you apply for your MyKad.

In Sarawak, it takes several years to get one. In Sabah, according to reports, it takes just weeks for even an illegal immigrant from the Philippines, Indonesia or Pakistan or India to get one.
The running joke is the illegals get theirs even faster than the locals.
Still, a  10-year  wait is an unreasonably long wait.
Just ask Binson Boy (picture), a young Penan whose village is in the Sungai Selungo area, far in the interior of Baram.
According to a local news report, Binson is not in a charitable mood right now, and understandably so because not having a Mykad has messed up his life badly.
He has been waiting for the document since 2000,  and he is unsure how much longer he must wait.