Will Zulkifli Nordin be Punished?

Khoo Kay Peng

Anwar Ibrahim said they central leadership council was ‘convinced” Zulkifli’s actions were wrong and pointed out that the party allowed for different opinions and had channels for those opinions to be expressed.

He stopped short of saying Zulkifli Nordin had outright disobeyed the party and left it up to the discipline board to decide the latter’s future.

“We do not want to pre-empt before the disciplinary board meets,” he said.

PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution, however, did not discount the possibility that Zulkifli may be stripped of his party membership. 

The central leadership was convinced Zulkifli was wrong but needed 1 month to decide what to do with him.

This is precisely the problem with Anwar, indecisive. We remembered how he wasted so much time touring around the world giving lectures but spent very little time to strengthen and reorganize his party and help forge a new formal coalition between the 3 ‘accidental’ partners.

Now, he needed a month to decide what to do with Zulkifli, a repeat offender. I do not have a problem with an opinionated Zulkifli but not a racist or a religious zealot Zulkifli.

Is Anwar hoping for short-termed memory Malaysians to forget about what Zulkifli had said or done after a month? Is it a cooling off period for an eventual pardoning of Zulkifli until he strikes again with yet another rattling statement or action?