Rebuild? Rebrand?

In the manufacturing and advertising world, when a brand name is rottenly bad, what does the manufacturer do? Terminate that brand and start a new one; rebrand it, re-invent the ingredients. In that case, you don’t have to “RE-BUILT” the reputation. You merely make a new one. Why? Because, when a brand is commonly known with a bad reputation, it will most probably be rejected by consumers. No matter how you try to re-built it, people will still have second thoughts as the record is not clean. When they use a new brand, people normally don’t see what’s behind the product. Unless the Manufacturer’s name is equally rotten.

By avancc

Looking at that, and the development of politics in Malaysia, it is clear that the name UmmmNo – B.eNd is already tarnished; with enough damage done by their own “staff” and “Directors”. And the “manufacturer” – those leaders whose images are also equally as bad. So, can they try to re-build, when many all around the country, as well as the world (note: not only in this country) knows that they have rotten agendas hidden behind? Will they still get support after everybody knows the culture and main aims of these leaders? Re-branding? Re-naming? Change the “ingredients” whatsoever, as long as it’s labelled under UmmmNo-B.eNd label, and as long as it’s the leadership of the same “Directors”, the “product” continues to be rotten. Because – You put a rotten egg among good ones, it will speed up the rotting process of even the good ones. Especially if the rotten ones are sitting high on top.

Tapi, Demi Maruah, demi nama, and demi kuasa, they die die hold on to the posts, hold on to the party, hold on to power. They cannot admit defeat, and cannot accept change. They still feel that all these issues are not their problems, not due to themselves but due to the rakyat listening to the “wrong” party. Rosak bertambah rosak. They promise change but doing the opposite and instead, demand that the common people change to suit them. It really shows that they don’t intend to change at all. However let’s not conclude too soon. Everybody does mistakes, and we all should be given a chance to change, to improve. So, we wait for a while.

Now, after almost 2 years of waiting, what do we see?

We have given them a chance to change. And they misused that chance and tolerance by giving us the Perak overtaking case; The Toyol mansion; the mishandling of PKFZ; missing jet engines; land issues; Kugan; B. Subra’s disappearance; No further action on “Correct, correct, correct” case and above all, TBH’s death. We gave them time and instead of changing themselves, we got Sodomy 2; religious issues with the burning of Churches and Suraus but inaction from the government; persistence in arresting RPK with no solid grounds; disruption of ceramahs; etc. We have given tolerance up to our limit. And are kept “rewarded” with disappointments, and more adverse effects. I don’t know about others, but my tolerance limit is up ….

Now, unless there is a change of hands over the government, where most members decide to abandon the sinking ship (I hope, but I know it is difficult to happen as these leeches have gotten sooo used to the “host” that they will keep sucking even though the host is drowning) else they will continue to hang on to the name “UmmmmNo – B.eNd”. So what can we do? And how do we do it legally, and rightly? We Vote Them Out.

So … don’t forget to register yourself as a voter, and know who and why you are voting. For the love of your country, for the love of your loved ones, for the love of your children, and the future of the people. For if you allow them to stay in power, you will be destroying everything. You know very well that they have not and will not change. And you know very well that it is bad for everybody. If you love your leader, and you cannot ask him/her to change, or cannot make him/her change, then the only thing you can do is to “force” that change by bringing him/her down. At least once, so that he/she wakes up and realizes his/her mistakes. Unless, of course, if you and him/her are equal – meaning you don’t feel what he/she’s doing is wrong. In that case, I feel sorry for you. Well, the boat is sinking. So those who continue to be holding on to the sinking boat, they will be sinking together with the tarnished name then. Tinggallah nama busuk hapuk hingga ke akhirat.