Perkasa Still Living in the Stone Age?

Khoo Kay Peng

Malay nationalist group Perkasa has said it is not afraid to play the race card in order to rally support for its causes.
Its leader Ibrahim Ali, at a ceramah organised by Umno here last night, said that since Election 2008 the country has seen the rise of arrogant non-Malay leaders who no longer respect Malays as the dominant race in the country.

Perkasa began as a one-man group after Election 2008 but is now rapidly shaping up as a national pressure group for Umno, representing those seeking to defend the constitutional position of the Malays and the “social contract”.

Many of those joining Perkasa are Umno members who feel that the party has strayed from its original ideals of striving for and maintaining Malay dominance in the country.

Reading the statement above makes us if there are still any good and high calibre Malaysians left for both PKR and PAS to put as election candidates? Pakatan does not need more enemies with friends like Zulkifli Nordin and Ibrahim Ali.

Ibrahim claims to fight to defend the integrity and supremacy of the Malay community. Funny, is he striving to defend those corrupted and irresponsible Malay leaders with the same enthusiasm?