Malay but no longer Malaysian

I am a Malay who has given up my Malaysian citizenship to live in another country. I have never been discriminated as a citizen of this foreign counry when it comes to job opportunities (promotions). I got to where I am not because I am a Malay but because I am good at what I do.

By H. Batson

Prior to  issuing me a certificate of good character (one of the requirements to become a citizen), I was interviewed by the Asst High Commissioner of Malaysia.

He was a nice man. He asked me this question:

Asst High Commissioner: “Are you sure this is what you want to do? Because it is such a shame that Malaysia will lose a professional like you.”

My reply: “I would love to contribute to my beloved country. However, my husband is an “orang puteh” and although he is a professional, it was impossible for him to get permanent residence in Malaysia. You don’t make it easy for us, what more I am a woman. My husband will never get citizenship.”

Asst High Commissioner: “Yes I agree, we don’t make it easy that is why we lose so many professionals.”

What more can I say.