Is Malaysia beyond hope?

Hundreds of thousands have already left. And at an alarming rate too, of circa 1,000 people per day. Triple that of Burma; a country considered to be under a cruel Regime. If we calculate this rate, and factor in the fact that it comprises mostly of people of child-bearing age, and the present mortality rate, then Malaysia should be void of people in 20 years time. except for UMNO people, of course. 

By John Doe

Well, migration is one option. The second would be up to the existing “leftovers”. Sounds weird, when people are referred to as “leftovers”, right? Well, what can these people do? They seem to hate UMNO, yet are Law-abiding Citizens who continue to finance UMNO by paying tax, and bribing crooked Policemen.

I draw immediate parralell to “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. 

We scream, and rant incessantly over the internet. Becoming Professors in “ArmChair-Criticism-ology”, and the moment we hit the streets, we are silent as a doornail. May I suggest this. 

  1. Stop saying “Let others do it..”
  2. Stop saying “ It is the job of Politicans. After all, we elected them…”
  3. Stop saying “I have No TIME”.
  4. Stop procrastinating.
  5. Don’t wait till next after GE-13.

Instead, may I suggest this. It can be fun, if we put our hearts into it. 

Make weekly weekend trips to unknown destinations. And by that I mean, group trips, family trips, and so on. Pick any location. For example, those in Kedah, can make a trip to Pantai Merdeka. Those in KL can go to Bagan Lallang Beach, those in Kelantan can go to Pantai Cinta Berahi, and those in Sabah can go to Beaufort by train; or even Tenom, if time permits. Yeah, go look at the Rafflesia bloom (it’s on top of the hill behind the hotel [seasonal]). So, besides having a good time, and seeing this beautiful country, carry with you a list of crimes of UMNO. And for heaven’s sake, bring all the proof you can print out… 

So become an “Ulamak of Justice”,  “Evangelist of a Clean Malaysia”. Yes, I’m suggesting holidaying, while forging a new Malaysia. Pick total strangers (only those who smile back at you) and pick a conversation. Then say, “You know what? I just happened to have an entire file sitting in my car !!”. Be genuine, and please don’t try to sell them insurance, or whip out your religious books, and you will do fine !! Who knows, you might make a new friend. But for goodness sake, don’t walk out there in a pack, as what the Jehovah Witnesses do, or you’ll scare the living daylights out of anyone. 

I’d start the conversation this way, look at a nearby stranger in the eye, smile and then look at the tree, waterfall, playing children, anything, and slowly sigh. And then say, “I wonder if I’ll ever see this in 10 years. The way this country is going, maybe all of us will be forced to run away, or be refugees…” well something to that effect. Trust me, many have used this approach, and it works. And who knows? They might even respond… I love starting with the C4 story. It works around the world. If you were to play International-Trivia, “Which Cruel Government bombs Churches and Mongolians..” “MALAYSIA” will be the guaranteed answer. (Proud or not?) 

Above all, be genuine, and have fun while doing it. Bring your your wives, kids, girlfriends, anyone. I don’t really even care. Make it a weekly-weekend outing. Not only will you immediately spend more quality-time with your family, you’ll get out of the house and not sit around the TV farting aimlessly all day. Think healthy, dudes… And bring along a few (not too many) copies to give to them, or to hand around. Yes, let them keep it… 

And for the less ethnocentric people, go speak to someone, not of your same skin-color. Worst case scenario, everyone understands the National Language…. I was surprised how well, Bahasa Pasar went. And just to throw in a tiny nugget of information, the word Pasar is understood in Cambodia. They say, “P’sar” instead. Close enough eh? 

So, Malaysia might have hope after all…

Finally, maybe friends in MT can help cobble this “Preaching-Pack” together…

So, for those who need help, please write in to the administrators of MT.