MIG 29 Revisited

  1. While the dust is settling on the issue of the missing jet engine, within the walls of Mindef, peoples are beginning to question what when wrong. They have managed the public relation part of the matter very badly the image of RMAF was tainted.

    Internally many men in uniform felt slighted for being accused of being partly or partially involved in the loss of the engine. While the police have “solve” the case and they have charge the only “two perpetrators”, many people is not convinced that the crime has really been solved.

  2. Mahathir in his writing defended the purchase of the MIG’s. He finds that it is odd to decommission 16 new aircraft. Not many realized the actual number of serviceable aircraft is very few. For national security reasons, I cannot reveal the actual number of aircraft that can actually take off and land safely. I have also written before that the reasons why the parts are expensive are because the trade is control by a group of “mafia’s” from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow.

  3. While all this euphoria was going on, not many people answered my earlier question on what are the underlying motives. Typically in the government style and someone is interested in making money, the aircraft is being disposed for a reason. To dispose we need to find one good reason. In the current times of economic hardship, we find the excuse of reducing operational expenses as the buzzword. Since no one answered my earlier question, I felt it is time that I put up more clues for people to read.