WAIT!! Is this Malaysia or Burma?

There is not a single discussion we can have nowadays without including a sentence or two, or three, which will insult the Malaysian Government. And it’s getting from bad to worse. 

By John Doe

Izzit because we really just want to badmouth UMNO? 

Look carefully, UMNO. The facts are real. You are really doing a SHIT JOB!!! I just spoke to friends in KL. And it didn’t matter whom I spoke to. Each and every single one of them is furious over the lackluster way UMNO is handling anything. Most of them are highly educated. Some even have Masters and a handful even have Doctorates. Surely no one can accuse them of being ignorant. 

From “Changing Modes”  spewed by “YoRais”, Church burnings, and now “Mosque burnings”. This list goes on and on and on. 

It appears that Malaysia is fast becoming a Burma. And for the benefit of those who are unaware of what the Junta is doing, let me quickly give you a crash course. You will immediately notice the similarities. 

The Burmese Junta has waged a 53 year War against the Ethnic Minorities of Burma. And while I loosely term them as minorities, they are actually close to 40% of the population. They will include the Karen, Karenni, Chin, Shan, Hmong, Rohingya, and so on. 

Burma has Majority Rights. Same as Malaysia. The Burmese Junta will not hesitate to enslave the Minorities with forced labour. Any jade coming out of Burma is mined with Forced Labour. They are NOT paid workers. They are simply grabbed off the streets, and put into these slave camps. These areas are up in the northern regions. 

The Junta still actively lays out Landmines along the eastern Border of Thailand. Everyday, around 300-some refugees trickle out of Burma. In comparison, there have been 400,000 Malaysians who have left the past year. Do the math. That means 1,000 per day!! And that means it’s TRIPLE the rate of that from Burma. 

The Junta believes in Ketuanan. They see themselves as Lords over the rest of the Ethnicities. They believe that the Burman soil is rightfully theirs. And that the bloody “Pendatang” minorities have no right to be there at all. And when I say Ketuanan, I really mean Ketuanan. The Junta will not hesitate to kick, spit, slap, rape or even shoot a “Minority Mongrel” whom they meet on the streets. And what will you advice the Minorities to do? Make a Police Report? It’s the Police and Military who are doing these things. 

On the same note, Malaysia has decided to start selling these Burmese refugees into slavery. They are “arrested at random” by our Mighty RELA people, and brought to the Thai Border to be “exported”. 

The men are typically sold as fishing boat hands, the women and teenage girls, into the sex trade, and the children into factories, or sometimes have their limbs broken and smashed, so that they can begin their new life of begging. After all, who can resist a poor child without arms and legs…. Awwwww….. Now imagine if it’s YOUR CHILD!!! 

There is the Chin Refugee Committee based in KL. Go ask them how you can help. In the same breath, ask them what similarities they see between Malaysia and Burma. In a certain way, it will help give you a futuristic view of what Malaysia will be in just a few years. Oh, and by the way, most of the ethnic minorities in Burma are Christians. And are certainly no strangers to the habitual Church-Burning and Church-Demolitions carried out daily by the Junta. And I’ve just confirmed with my contacts in Burma. Petronas is everywhere in Burma. They are very respected in Burma.  

Hmmmm I wonder why……. 

Kind souls can contact the: 

Chin Refugee Centre

No. 11 ( C ) Jalan Khoo Teik Ee
Off Jalan Imbi 55100
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: ( 603 ) 2144-7271
Fax: ( 603 ) 2141-7271

Hotline: 016: 6978 568 

End Note: Suaram is also actively helping these people. And are thus, constantly hated by the Ketuanan Mongrels.