Sodomy Conspiracy Number Two: Part 3

(Free Malaysia Today) SHAH ALAM: Gani Patail is now Malaysia’s Attorney-General, and Musa Hassan its Inspector-General of  Police.

Both have been implicated by investigating officer Mat Zain in the serious crime of fabricating evidence in the investigation into the infamous black-eye incident.

The investigation of the current case against Anwar Ibrahim is under the control of the police, who are under the direction of Musa Hassan.

The malice in the police investigation became obvious when armed policemen with balaclavas arrested Anwar at about 1 pm just outside his home on 16 July 2008, about two and half weeks after Saiful’s report.

The arrest was completely unnecessary as Anwar’s lawyers were to accompany him to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters at 2 pm that day to attend a pre-arranged and agreed appointment with police investigators to record his statement.

Yet he was arrested as if he was a fugitive.  Anwar was also held overnight in jail. Again, this was malicious and completely unnecessary.

He slept on the cold concrete floor, aggravating his old back injury. The reason given by the police for the overnight detention was that he had to finish recording his statement. His undertaking to return the next morning at an agreed time was rejected.  It is now clear that he was held overnight in an attempt to illegally obtain DNA samples from him.

The political nature of the Saiful allegation was again confirmed when Saiful took part in a highly publicised purported “oath” in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Mosque on 15 July 2008 in the presence of Ustad Ramlang bin Porigi, one of the imams there.

Subsequently, in August, Ustad Ramlang revealed that he was directed by the Head of the Department for Islam and Islamic Affairs in Kuala Lumpur ( JAWI ), Dato Che Mat bin Che Ali, to be present there to witness the so-called oath taking.

For making this revelation publicly, Ustad Ramlang was then transferred to the “finance” department of JAWI and, a few months later, subjected to disciplinary action.

Political interference is also demonstrated in the handling of the qazaf complaint filed by Anwar against Saiful on 9th July 2008  with JAWI. Qazaf is the offence in syariah law of publishing a libellous statement against another, particularly in relation to sexual conduct.

The enforcement department of JAWI completed its investigations within a few months and recorded statements from Anwar, Saiful and other relevant witnesses.

JAWI has not declared to date that there is no offence committed by Saiful.  At the same time, no prosecution of Saiful has been initiated.

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