Move to topple Selangor MB intensifies

(Free Malaysia Today) SHAH ALAM: Several turncoats and pro-Barisan Nasional elements in the Klang Municipal Council are setting the stage to discredit  Selangor Menter Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and topple him soon.

In their attempt to pull the rug under Khalid’s feet in his Kuala Selangor PKR division, 13 of the 16 elected division committee members resigned and his division deputy, Arshad Abu Bakar, claimed yesterday that they included the youth and wanita chiefs.

Quietly, the Klang Municipal Council also moved in to demolish the north Klang taxi stand early Wednesday morning even without endorsement from the Menteri Besar, while the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has turned the pressure on Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives over minor graft reports.

At a press conference yesterday, Arshad told reporters that PKR’s Kuala Selangor division had lost confidence in Khalid’s leadership but Khalid dismissed Arshad’s claim and said the division had not been disbanded.

Khalid said their resignations were expected because they were originally Umno members who had joined PKR and were now jumping back to Umno.

“The claim of loss of confidence is nothing unusual,” Khalid said. “Perhaps the statement was written by Umno for him to read.”

Arshad claimed that the three remaining elected committee members in the PKR division were Khalid, Faridah Abdul Rahman and himself.

He said the 13 committee members and division youth chief Nazarudin Darmawan and Wanita head Fauziah Sulaiman resigned from their posts between November last year and last Monday.

Arshad claimed that Khalid had failed to lead the division, which had not had its committee meeting in 14 months and did not take the initiative to strengthen the party despite many cases of non-Malay members quitting the party.

After yesterday’s state executive council meeting, Khalid, however, said the status of the division remained unchanged as there was no meeting held to disband the division.

“The election to choose a new committee will be held in March. That is why some want to quit their posts,” he said, adding that it  was better for those who were not in tune with the party to resign.

Khalid said there were only 100 PKR members in Kuala Selangor in early 2007 and the number had now increased to 3,000.

He said it was better for the pro-Umno members to leave now than wait until the next general election.

It would be easier for PKR to manage the party without those who were not interested in the concept of Pakatan Rakyat, he added.

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