Of late, many have expressed their concerns about the brain drain in Malaysia. I blogged about it HERE and also HERE. Many do not see the unseen hands or the subtle indelible strategy of the powers that be and how this brain drain ties in just beautifully with their evil scheme to strip and plunder the nation of its resources by driving them away.

By Masterwordsmith

Consider Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and even Myanmar. What do these nations have in common? Simple. They have a vibrant middle class who were the ones that overthrew the government to establish a new regime. Think. If our country does not have a large middle class but a large working class, what are the short-term and long-term consequences? Some of these would include:

  • A smaller group of intellectuals or educated populace who can question the ruling class would exist unlike what we have today (which is a pale shadow of what it used to be).
  • A larger proportion of working class would mean that they are likely to be bogged down by the pressures of daily living and are too busy trying to survive. Thus, they would be so agitated with their lot that they have no time or energy to complain about the ruling regime.
  • They may not even realize like we do now the discrepancies in figure and the many ways in which pirates plunder the nation of its natural and human resources.
  • Our human resources will be limited and economic growth and development in many areas will be retarded.

If you look at the sequence of events and trends in the last twenty-five years, it is evident that the wheel of this indelible strategy was set into motion so subtly that we did not realize it. We were too busy fighting the wrong battles and wrong enemies or even within and among ourselves.

As the best of Malaysia’s human resources exit the country via various channels e.g. scholarships or job opportunities overseas, the influx of illegal immigrants began and waves and waves of these illegals set up home in Malaysia. Little has been done to combat this problem, particularly in Sabah. Did you ever wonder why?

There is a reason for this. Think about the serious implications. Unnerving thoughts would probably fill your mind.

Expatriates who are professionals find it so difficult to get PR status here. Some of my expat friends who have been residing in Malaysia for over 20 years have yet to obtain their PR whereas it is said that working class illegals have little difficulty gaining residency status and these people who do not pay taxes are settling here in Malaysia, delivering their babies in government hospitals and sending their children to local schools – all paid for by OUR TAXES!!!

What will happen to our country 20 years down the road?

The education system of our country is in a pathetic state as institutions are churning out students who join society in droves with a string of distinctions in their SPM, STPM or degrees from local universities but who also cannot compete on an international level and may not display the skills or thinking faculties that can propel our nation forward.