Sodomy Conspiracy Number Two: Part 2

(Free Malaysia Today) SHAH ALAM: This is not the first time, in a case involving Anwar Ibrahim, that the prosecution is depending on fabricated evidence.

The cases of 1998 and 1999 were replete with incidents of manufactured confessions, fabricated DNA evidence and suppression of evidence on the part of the police and the senior prosecutors involved.

Several quick examples can be given.  Attorney General Gani Patail, who was one of the senior DPPs prosecuting Anwar in 1998, was exposed this year as having fabricated medical evidence in the form of medical reports in the investigation into former IGP Rahim Noor’s brutal assault of Anwar on the night of 20th September 1998.

After the world saw Anwar’s black eye, there was a huge outcry and widespread international condemnation.  A police investigation then followed.

The Investigating Officer for the case, Dato Mat Zain,  confirmed in a letter to the MACC in April  2009 that Gani Patail was actively fabricating false medical reports with the assistance of Musa Hassan (now IGP) in an attempt to suggest that Anwar’s injuries were self-inflicted along the lines of a suggestion made publicly by Dr. Mahathir.

Fabrication of evidence against Anwar also went on in related cases involving individuals connected with Anwar.

Gani Patail was implicated in serious charges of threatening Nallakaruppan with the death penalty to force him to give false evidence against Anwar.  This was exposed in the form of a statutory declaration by Nallakaruppan’s lawyer Manjeet Singh Dhillon, who was a direct witness to the blackmail and extortion that Gani perpetrated.

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