What the Bible and Koran Have in Common

Christianity and Islam are somewhat known to be opposite religions (depending on who you ask). When we watch the news, there are always seem to be some sort of religious conflict brewing. A Christian living in a Muslim community may have a hard time continuing his faith, because of religious discrimination. Muslims also have difficulty preserving their religious cultures when they move into Christian communities.

By Felipe Lopez of Christian Colleges and Universities

The main similarity between them (Muslims and Christians) is that they have a holy book wherein they can get all the information about their religion. For Christians, it’s the Bible and Muslims have the Koran (sometimes spelled as Qur’an). The beliefs Bible and Koran hold are quite different; they don’t have the same views in life. While their differences are very much true, they offer some similar teachings and stories. This isn’t known to many, because so many people focus on the disparity rather than the common ground of the two religions.

Both the Bible and the Koran believe in only one Superior Being. Christians believe in God, while Muslims believe in Allah. The God they believe in can do all things if He wants. Both of the religions believe that God sent a messenger. For Christians, God sent Jesus Christ while Allah sent Muhammad to spread the Word of God.

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