Sodomy Conspiracy Number Two – Part 1


A proctoscopy examination by Dr. Osman showed no physical signs of penetration and a normal anus and rectum.  After the examination, he then told Dr. Osman he had been sodomised by a VIP and was then advised to go for an examination at a government hospital.

By R.Sivarasa, Free Malaysia Today

It is just over 11 years since Anwar Ibrahim, newly sacked as deputy prime  minister, was first slapped with trumped-up charges of sodomy and supposed corruption  ( abuse of power), and subsequently put through two trials which were condemned around the world as manifestly flawed and politically motivated.

As a result he spent six years in detention in Sungei Bulu Prison, in solitary confinement throughout, with contact only with his family and lawyers.

Finally, after his nemesis, former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed was reluctantly forced into retirement in October 2003, Anwar was acquitted and released on 2 September 2004 at the final level of his appeal against the conviction for sodomy.

Now the nightmare is starting all over again. (The trail has been fixed for a month from Jan 25).

On 16 July 2008, Anwar was arrested on a new charge of sodomy, after a report was lodged on 28th June 2008 by a junior aide in his office Saiful Bukhari. Anwar says that the charge is, again, politically motivated, and a renewed attempt to scuttle his political career which has revived dramatically, against all the odds, since his release.

Most people both inside and outside the country agree with this assessment.

The new case replays an old script with new actors – the current script also shows the previous episode’s features of political interference, manipulation of officers in the AG’s Chambers and police, and falsification of evidence all arising from a political conspiracy to stop Anwar’s political career.