Looking back…and to the Future

With all that is happening in Malaysia, I keep praying that there will rise from among us, leaders who display hope, leadership and inspiration to galvanize Malaysians in the right direction. Without the idealism that freedom promotes, we are akin to lumbering giants unsure of our direction, fumbling here and there making every mistake we can.

By Masterwordsmith

To date, what we can see is a bunch of would-be power-brokers who manipulate prejudices, vanities, or our desires for certain issues as expressed in the Net or MSM.

We see loads of finger-pointing at those whom we feel are responsible for certain situations either for the sheer joy of raising them or because of genuine concerns, and we laud and magnify those who would speak up for the rakyat for the sheer euphoria of seeing freedom of speech at work. Yet, such occasions are rare because of many reasons.

Currently, official statements are mere rhetoric which are so contrived, tiresome and self-serving. Did the leaders even write those messages themselves and are words the best that they can offer? The threat to democracy in Malaysia is plain for all to see.

After 52 years of existence, Malaysians are well aware of the kind of leadership we need. Many quarters seem to have shown us that substance and leadership in political leaders are not as effective as “proven” strategies-the kind that repeat subtle lies, manipulate religious minds with false promises, and shamelessly attack their opponent’s patriotism. In their quest for popularity, the higher-ups shape the messages or direction of certain parties or leaders and in doing so, we are deprived of the leadership that we so desperately need.

By hanging on to the thinking and clichés of the past which by themselves are inadequate to the stormy needs of the present, we are carving the wrong type of history for our nation. It is crucial that we remember that no personal significance or insignificance can spare any of us. The scary thought is that the current challenges that we are facing will be either a foundation of honor or dishonor to the next generation.

Leaders may claim they are fighting for truth, integrity, freedom, justice and compassion. By saying it, I hope that they realize the rest of the world will judge them by their words, and condemn them if they fail. Yet, we see many leaders in our midst who truly make an unforgettable spectacle of themselves, giving credence to Plato’s words:

Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something.
— Plato