Is a Malaysian Indian subject to subtle genocide?

Normal 0 0 1 615 3511 Malaysia Today 29 7 4311 11.1282 0 0 0 Being a Muslim and a favoured ethnic with the present day government, this question doodles in our Muslim brothers’ mind constantly whether the Malaysian Indians do indeed suffer a subtle genocide/ethnic cleansing in Malaysia.

As a Muslim and more so as a Malaysian, one would find plenty of historical facts and the contribution of the Malaysian Indians are being slowly eradicated and redressed to depict them as the new underclass society that is not worth their existence in Malaysia.

Look up on genocide at and you would realise in the modern era, a conceptual argument towards history cases and contemporary issues is a definition that we as individuals make out for ourselves when we argue on the predicament of the Malaysian Indians without admitting the reality that they face.

Rather than looking at the intention and the perpetrators, most would look for a structured conflict based on historic cases and individual conception although the reality does bite the bullet for the majority Malaysian Indians in Malaysia.

Whichever way you look at it, when violations or crimes against humanity is undertaken by the state in any form to deprive humanity to survive, genocide and cleansing do occur only that we tend to measure it by our own conception.

Now looking at the I feel there is a concerted effort by the government in exercising genocide against the Malaysian Indians. Most of the details entailed in this report are factual as they are procured through major government controlled newspapers such as Star, NST, Malay Mail, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Bernama news that clearly indicates on the deprivation of a Malaysian Indian in participating in the socio development of Malaysia through oppressive government policies.

For example how does it make sense in Malaysia, that UiTM that only allows Malay Muslim to enroll in its university but nevertheless allocates 10% of foreign students of the Muslim belief into their university when deserving Malaysian students from other beliefs are deprived even if they qualify? Is Onemalaysia religious based?

Even if the Malaysian Indians were to pursue their education elsewhere, for instance in the field of medicine in various other countries through their own efforts, the government steps in to derecognize these universities because the students are of Malaysian Indian origin. If this is not indirect cleansing, then what is this?

There are many instances similar. Look at the agricultural field, FELDA is a giant, yet the Malaysian Indians were there initial contributors, yet there is a systematic exclusion of these Malaysians in participation or in the plans of the government.

Biro Tata Negara (BTN) and latest brazen torching of the churches only further indicates the state of affairs that is being conducted by the government. Whether it is an indirect genocide or cleansing is a subjective approach that each Malaysian should take heed and protect each other from the modern day government that we have created.

Saying all these, nothing is going to change a status quo as a preferred Malay Muslim but that is not what those would desire as for for them being a Malaysian is a confluence of the ethnicity, culture, belief without infringing another what they rightly deserve that has molded them to be a part for a better Malaysia.

The government has been the forerunner in various blatant provocation based on its own volition, but it is up to us as individual to recognize the flaws to create and make the change for the society. At present, the Malaysian Indians do face a dilemma in an indirect form of genocide and cleansing, and we as Malaysian need to hold the fort and forge together in entertain their needs to participate in the socio development of Malaysia.

Check this out and you will know what I mean

Thank you.

Mydin Baharuddin