AG clears Dr Pornthip of wrongdoing

(Free Malaysia Today) – The Attorney-General has cleared Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan of any wrongdoing in the leaking of her second autopsy report on political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

The coroner’s court was informed of this today by lawyer Tan Hock Chuan, who is representing the Attorney-General’s office.

He said the police had found that Dr Pornthip, who is engaged by Teoh’s family, had not committed any offence.

However, Karpal Singh, appearing for the Teoh family,  told coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas that he would be continuing with his application to get Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer Raub Ghani cited for contempt.

On Jan 1, Raub made a police report accusing Dr Pornthip of leaking the results of the post mortem to the Party Keadilan Rakyat organ, Suara Keadilan, which quoted unnamed sources as confirming that her report indicated that Teoh was murdered.

Teoh, 30, was found dead on the fifth floor of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam after he had given a witness statement to the MACC on the 14th floor of the building on July 16 last year.

The court fixed 22 Jan for submissions on Karpal’s contempt proceedings against Raub.