5 f%*king days is all it took!

How much more can I say it and show examples to Malaysians that our present system of governance is broken? How much more do I have to yell that NOTHING in Malaysia happens without UMNO/BN’s approval, tacit or otherwise?

By romerz

On 7 January 2010, newly appointed deputy chief commissioner (operations) of MACC, Mohd Shukri Abdull, had declared that he would be “focusing on high profile cases as well as those that had gained public interest.”

The above quote is extracted from The Malaysian Insider’s report – Mohd Shukri is new MACC No.2

Five days later on 12 January 2010, as reported by NST OnlineMACC to gather more evidence on 10kg cake for Nik Aziz, the same Mohd Shukri said that the MACC had opened an investigation paper into the RM3,900/- purchase of birthday cakes by PKMB.

(Image from perakexpress.com)

Errr …… I fail to see how this can be considered “high profile cases as well as those that had gained public interest” WHEN Khir Toyo’s Disneyland holiday and his glaringly enormous personal mansion remain uninvestigated by MACC?

Most Malaysians are damn interested to know how a dentist turned politician then UMNO/BN MB of Selangor can amass such wealth in such a short period of time if everything is “above board”?

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